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Brenda Faye Collier

Brenda Faye Collier

Self Employed...Own Business Willow Creek Gifts, LLC/The Glass Toad Garden Art/Home Decor ....Products..Soy Candles, Soy Bath & Body Products... One of a Kind G

Andddd this is the poem that captures the essence, of warm summer days, the lively quintessence. (Loooook, I made my own poem for the caption) :)

Oh my sweet beautiful love, my everything!! This is so awesome so very very true!! I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING..NOW FOREVER SWEETHEART!! I am YOURS!!

using cattle panel for plant supports - way cheaper than alternatives - have to get it in before they grow totally up this year though - waited too long last year!

Hanging container garden media-cache9.pint... sailchic gardening

"Umbrella Planter - Adorable!" DIY Something like this. Maybe use the leftover chicken wire and dollar store hulu hoops.

Omg I want to do this next spring

strawberries in gutters and supported by tie rods, cool

Revitalize a Path Rebar (or another heavy-duty metal rod) creates an uncommon archway entrance and gives climbing plants an unusual lift up. Think outside the arch for inexpensive materials at yard sales, Re-Stores, or from the depths of your garage.

candy corn plant Botanical Name: Manettia inflata A vigorous climber, you can train Candy Corn Plant on a trellis. Its densely covered twining stems look even more lush when gathered around a support.

This method of support may be better and easier for longer rows of tomato plants. Thinking I may try this with next year's crop.

Instant protection for perennials Don’t watch on as just planted perennials get trampled or suffer broken stems! With just a handful of pliable branches, you can make easy, long-lasting coverage for new growth.

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Garden trellis out of an old chair without a seat! Very clever!! I'll have to remember this next year!!

Lovely Garden Vignette....look , this is an old gate a wooden table and the wheel makes it look like some vintage cart. Cool!

Let your wooden sticks dry and use your chalk to make your labels. Stop by the blog for tips on how to prime your sticks before you write on them.

mod podge seed packets onto garden markers, vases, etc! Love all the ideas on this page!

More DIY garden markers using polymer clay, letter stamps, and an oven to bake. Then bend the wire around the clay to let tension hold the clay in place.

Plant Garden Markers, since the dogs ate all the cork ones....