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Brenda Faye Collier
Brenda Faye Collier
Brenda Faye Collier

Brenda Faye Collier
  • Suring, WI
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Self Employed...Own Business Willow Creek Gifts, LLC/The Glass Toad Garden Art/Home Decor ....Products..Soy Candles, Soy Bath & Body Products... One of a Kind G

Crystal Feather Centerpiece crystal bouquets: great for a snowball or winter themed event

Scabiosa pods, Dusty Miller, Lamb's ear, succulents, birch bark vases, moss and tree slice

Cheap doller store glasses, minus the fluffy and candle, dipping the bottom in clack paint so the names cab be written on them and guests get to take home- yes!

wine glass turned upside down to make a snowglobe candle it!

don't just throw out those ugly sweaters (do i hear this doubling for christmas too?!), make them wine/bottle wraps!

Abstract Christmas tree - hanging from upside down metal hanging planter basket (the kind you line with moss or a coconut mat). Original pin used a round grill rack. Based on idea from

Table Decoration with Pine Branches: Take 2-3 small sprigs of pine & wrap ends together tightly with green florist tape. Remove hanger from a mini ball ornament & gently push onto pine ends. Use double sided tape to secure ball. Wind satin ribbon over the tape, & tie a tiny bow. Take a small glass votive candle holder & turn upside down. You can place a small gift or treat under the glass, then place the miniature pine tree over the glass. Now you have a lovely Christmas tree place setting!!

A Whole Bunch of Christmas Chandelier Decorating Ideas - Christmas Decorating -

Upside down Christmas tree

ends, that go in the ground are facing up. Place the grape vine ball on stick ends for a head. Put fir tree branches, stick ends into the head and let them drape down as dress. Find two longer ones you can bend as Angel wings tie with rope to her body. Add fairy lights to wings and put lights and ribbon under to dress and you're done.

Elegance, simplicity and beauty of white. Love the leaf rolls

diy tomato plant cage from pvc pipe

Hanging moss plants by Mister Moss. These. Are. Awesome. According to Apartment Therapy, they are DIY, too! Take a clump of soil, cover it with sphagnum moss, wrap it in colorful string, and pair it with a coordinating (or contrasting) plant. When your ball feels dry, simply dunk it in a bucket of water. This is something that is happening.

this quote is beauty... My soul loves all that is art, loves all beauty, not just physical beauty or pieces of art, I see beauty & art in everything. I see it in random acts of kindness, I see it in the way others help & treat each other, I see it thru love...everytime it shakes my soul♥

I Have Been A Seeker-Rumi Quote-Inspirational Quotes-Erica Massaro, EDMPoetryPhotography on Etsy.

Andddd this is the poem that captures the essence, of warm summer days, the lively quintessence. (Loooook, I made my own poem for the caption) :)

Oh my sweet beautiful love, my everything!! This is so awesome so very very true!! I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING..NOW FOREVER SWEETHEART!! I am YOURS!!

using cattle panel for plant supports - way cheaper than alternatives - have to get it in before they grow totally up this year though - waited too long last year!

Hanging container garden media-cache9.pint... sailchic gardening

"Umbrella Planter - Adorable!" DIY Something like this. Maybe use the leftover chicken wire and dollar store hulu hoops.