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things i see that i want to remember.

Christopher Wilmarth, Invitation #1

Invitation 1 by Christopher Wilmarth

Christopher Wilmarth, Days on Blue, 1974

Christopher Wilmarth, "New" - 1968

Ricky Swallow at Modern Art (exhibition view; photog uncredited)

Jo Metson Scott photographs Martino Gamper for the B Store Magazine.

Johannes Romppanen photographs Osma Harvilahti in his studio for Rocket Science

Marcos Rivas, La Roche

Photographie: La Roche pt.2

Automatic Books - "The Book Affair" at the Venice Biennale

Ola Rindal - Man on Bench, 2009, 55x81cm

Ola Rindal - Man Running, 2007. 69x103cm

Whitney Hubbs — from "The Song Itself is Already a Skip" at M+B Gallery in LA

Whitney Hubbs — The Song Itself is Already a Skip

mark borthwick

mark borthwick diary

mark borthwick

Marco Guerra photographs Sara Lamm, filmmaker

MARCO GUERRA » Portraits

Sandi Haber Fifield / Luck, 2012 / from "After the Threshold"

Roe Ethridge / Self-Portrait, 2007, C-print, 36 x 24 in.

Henry Roy: WE are a family (Tunisia)

Henry Roy: WE are a family (Tunisia)

Henry Roy: WE are a family (Tunisia)

Henry Roy photographs Atissou Loko