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Yard Sales... Sometimes, hah! Funny! #yardsale #garagesale #fleamarket

27 Famous Motivational Quotes

Some don't appreciate good grammar and for those who do...well they have a wardrobe that emphasizes it.

The more you look at it, the more you laugh.

Probably just a bitch

Truth: You are desired and chased after by the most High God.- 10 Bible Verses for when you feel "not good enough"

Religion and ethics are not mutually inclusive. Either can (and does) exist without the other. Theists are not automatically moral, atheists are not automatically immoral.

My dad and I use to fight all the time when we were working on my math homework

Crater Lake National Park is one of the most amazing places in our country... OREGON has so much to offer, camping, RVing or just road tripping! Check out the top Campgrounds & RV Parks in this beautiful state...

well...sometimes you should ask yourself if you are keeping good company.

I hate it when you're singing, and someone decides to sing along. Look bitch, this isn't Glee.

Unknown, successful plot to assassinate Hitler! This is amazing.

Boom! In your face idiot!