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  • Antonia Mendoza

    My Dad was a great hunter and taught my brothers to hunt. He taught my brothers not to shoot unless it could be eaten. I believe he taught them well...AM

Bald Eagle; "Our recent visit to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver included another interesting exhibition, “Birds in Motion”. A group called The Canadian Raptor Conservancy puts on daily demonstrations of birds of prey doing their thing, free flight. About to land, this eagle had slowed to a speed where he was much easier to photograph"

Bald Eagle

Happy Birthday, Daddy! Miss you more than words could ever fully express. ♥

  • Ann Page

    Happy Birthday to My Dad... miss you like crazy! xo

  • Kagzy Otton

    Happy Birthday Dad, love you & miss you soooo much more than words can ever say xxx ♥

I miss you so much Dad

I miss you so much Dad
  • Lori Siino-Barajas

    Miss you tons Dad :(

  • Brenda Bilow

    I miss you so much Dad .... ♥

  • Hilda lora

    I am dying with out my Dad, God Help me at times I feel I will not make it......

  • Antonia Mendoza

    My dad's been gone 6 month's his birthdays comming up July 28th. I'm heart breaks for him talk to his picture it helps and knowing he's with Jesus will make it easier. Our dad's don't want us unhappy be happy and live happy and know you doing that will make him happy. God is with us and he will get us through. AM

fathers day in heaven from daughter | rip quotes for dad Interior Design Decoration

rip quotes for dad Interior Design Decoration

autumn scene

  • Kathy Clemens

    On this day our lives changed forever. I have missed you so much. Even tho it's been 45 years it still seems like yesterday, the pain never goes away. I love you, Dad.