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The ULTIMATE guide to slimes. Recipes for slimes, flubber, flarp, and even edible (taste-safe) slimes! Fun for all ages. In addition to recipes, there are several fun ideas for how to play with slimes. From Fun at Home with Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Slimes

Dazzle your kids with this color surprise playdough recipe! It's the softest playdough ever, and children will love discovering the hidden colors.

Color Surprise Rainbow Playdough ~ Learn Play Imagine

Making Colors Dance-Fun Science experiment with milk, food coloring, and dawn soap. You can even make prints but placing an index card over the substance. Great fine motor activity!

Teach Them To Fly: Dancing Colors

Magic Toothpick Star

Magic Toothpick Star

An invitation to create color surprise eruptions for kids!

Color Surprise Eruptions ~ Learn Play Imagine

Lollipop Lab Flavor Mixing Science Experiment and Taste Test for Kids~This was part 3 of our lollipop activities. The kids LOVED mixing up their own lollipop flavor recipes. And they tasted GREAT, too!

Science for Kids: Observing Plant Growth with Bulbs (with a FREE printable observation sheet!)~ Buggy and Buddy

Science for Kids: Observing Plant Growth Using Bulbs

This is a great activity for the students to understand that not all animals are alike. In this activity the students will be able identify each a... (FREE)

Animal characteristics

FREE abiotic and biotic activity - ecosystems

Ecosystems - Abiotic and Biotic Sort Activity

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What is matter? - Science video for kids | Mocomi