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Holiday Traditions Around the World

different celebrations and ways to celebrate

on Easter, chefs in Haux, France, crack open over 5,000 eggs to fry up an omelet big enough to feed 1,000 people.

In Poland but on Easter Monday, it's time for Smingus Dyngus when boys throw water on girls

Easter Witches of Finland: Virvon, varvon. For the fresh and healthy upcoming year. Twig for you, Reward for me.

on easter children in finland beg in the streets with sooty faces and scarves around their heads, carrying broomsticks, coffeepots and bunches of decorated willow twigs.

Maslenitsa Festival (Pancake Festival)

New Year Vietnam - People release living carp into rivers as a small gift to the Master-Craftsman, the Earth Spirit and the Kitchen God

guy fawkes bonfire night - remember remember, the fifth of november

Chinese New Year 2012 (Jan. 23) Year of the Dragon