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Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Harvesting Laundry Basket Potatoes

North by Northwest is a 1959 American thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason. The screenplay was written by Ernest Lehman. North by Northwest is a tale of mistaken identity, with an innocent man pursued across the United States by agents of a mysterious organization who want to stop his interference in their plans to smuggle out microfilm containing government secrets.

How to Internet better…

ive Balls Did you like this article? Share it with your friends! diy November 19, 2013 DIY Projects decorative ball di...

this is hilarious

You had one job...

Nicely designed under stairs office alcove

laundry baskets and burlap to grow potatoes...wonder if you could do it with other stuff too

Potatoes grown in plastic laundry basket

The Cyanometer Is a 225 Year Old Tool for Measuring the Blueness of the Sky tools sky science color

Mexican Corn on the Cob - This is the best way to serve corn, brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with chili powder, cheese and lime juice!

Saddlemire Student Services Building - previous home of the Bookstore and since then demolished to make way for the Wolfe Arts Center Photo courtesy of Keith O'Neill

BGSU's Doyt L. Perry Stadium Photo courtesy of Keith O'Neill

Sunset on The Doyt Photo courtesy of Keith O'Neill

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