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This FREE app makes flashcards come to life. What a fun way to learn and practice letters. Did I mention it was Free!

Augmented Reality ABC Flashcards App for Young Kids

Comic Books created with Comic Book! app and embellished with augmented reality using Aurasma

App Fishing! Finding the Best Apps for Your Classroom by ShakeUpLearning

App Fishing! Finding the Best Apps for Your Classroom - ThingLink

Great Ready-to-Go K-5 iPad Units on iTunes U! - great teaching resources on many subjects, such as Penguin, energy, Poetry, Nonfiction, ... most are FREE!

Great Ready-to-Go K-5 iPad Units on iTunes U!

How to Set Up the LEGO YouTube Channel for your kids - then only other LEGO videos will be recommended keeping them ON that channel and not roaming free on YouTube {shudder}.

Hands down the best educational app out there! Great for k-6 teachers for reading comprehension, decoding and fluency! It will even do a running record! #literacy

A true weather app for kids designed by a 6 year old boy (and his meteorologist dad). Power packed with real time weather conditions, forecasts, science and fun facts about the weather, plus it is interactive making it fun for the kids. This includes math and science with S.T.E.M in mind to make parents and teachers happy as well. (SO COOL! The selected avatar dresses for the day!)

Free app….Let students read a passage and record themselves reading. Review the reading with the student...They can reread as many times as you want them to in order to gain greater fluency!! Students improve when they can hear their own reading, evaluate it, and make a plan to improve.

Corkboard Connections: Weekend App Attack: 3 Great Classroom Apps and a free poster of tablet rules from guest blogger Christina DeCarbo