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Decadent Chocolate Desserts

National Chocolate Month has arrived! To celebrate, enjoy these top-notch chocolaty treats.

Combine the best tastes of a campfire in our Chocolaty Caramel-Nut S'more Bars! More bar cookies here:

Our Best Bar Cookies

Light, citrusy orange pairs perfectly with these creamy brownies:

Blissful Brownie Recipes

Sweet chocolate and salty peanut combine in these delectable Triple-Peanut and Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Chocolate Cookie Recipes

Our Candy-Crunch Peanut Butter Bars are no-bake! Perfect for an easy summer treat:

Our Best Bar Cookies

Add a little crunch to your chocolate cookie recipe with our incredible Chocolate Decadence Cookies. More chocolate desserts here:

Blissful Chocolate and Vanilla Desserts

Chocolate drizzled over bananas and then frozen make for a healthy way to curb your chocolate cravings:

Healthy Chocolate Desserts

These Raspberry French Silk Pie Bars are topped with a delicious raspberry ganache! More delicious chocolate desserts here:

Chocolate: Our Greatest Hits

Nestled in flaky pastry, this silky pie is topped with raspberries and luscious white chocolate whipped cream:

Chocolate: Our Greatest Hits

Creamy cherry-flavor frosting is layered between tiers of rich chocolate cake, making this dessert absolutely unforgettable:

Chocolate: Our Greatest Hits

This classic combination of cocoa-rich cookie rounds and creamy powdered sugar filling is a tasty throwback to desserts gone by:

Chocolate: Our Greatest Hits