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Gorgeous Garden Plants

Add new colors and textures to your garden with our favorite annuals, perennials and shade plants!

Anemones are lovely, delicate flowers that dance atop slender stems, giving them their poetic common name -- windflower:

Put sedums on the top of your shopping list if you’re looking for a perennial that requires almost no care:

Pink flowers can add a bold or delicate touch to the garden depending on which shades you use:

Just when you think winter is never going to end, the spirit-lifting flowers of hellebore burst into bloom:

Add reliable color to your yard with these top-rated flowering trees and shrubs:

Use these easy instructions to build your own raised bed to make growing any plant easier:

Also known as a Lenten rose or Christmas rose, hellebores produce spring flowers of delicate beauty and surprising resilience:

Hot, dry weather won’t stop Coreopsis from flowering all summer long:

  • Janielle Alford Stringfellow

    This is the hardiest and biggest flower producing perennial I have.

  • Hello Kitty

    We have this plant in one of our gardens, it's one of my faves partly because of it's color & because it's so tiny & cute!

Bamboo plants can easily get out of control as they grow:

Buddleia, commonly called butterfly bush, produces wave after wave of fragrant, nectar-rich flowers all summer long:

  • SHELBi B

    Im in Ohio too! Go with butterfly weed or milkweed. Also look up toledo botanical gardens & look at the natives there. They have a plant sale every year where you can buy natives from the garden.

  • Shirley Hamblin

    tis a lovely bush that does not hold up in a freeze :(

  • SHELBi B

    Also they aren't native but not invasive here. I have white & two shades of purple. But native is probably best way to go. There's a plant called a "cup plant" cant remember the genus name but its fascinating. Sually

  • SHELBi B

    Actually!! (not whatever that says) holds water like a cup when it rains and birds will sit & drink from it

  • SHELBi B

    Well, i will have to let you know how our butterfly bushes do. We were -30+ degrees a few times this winter. So hopefully they survive!

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Glossy leaves, stellar blue flowers, quick coverage -- periwinkle is an ideal coverage for shade:

  • brown chicken brown cow

    Please showcase native non-aggressive plants! You have the opportunity to promote responsible stewardship of the land

  • Janielle Alford Stringfellow

    I love my periwinkle...I just keep it in check. Going on 5 years now and no problem if your outside once a week and pinch here and there.

Practically indestructible, daylilies will flower their heads off in almost any sunny spot:

Unlike modern hybrid varieties, heirloom tomatoes come true from seed, making them easy to share:

Talk a walk down primrose path:

This family of old-fashioned favorites is grown for their pink, white, or red, spicy fragrant flowers and their often-evergreen clumps or mats of gray-blue, grassy leaves:

There's a tulip for every gardener, from diminutive 4-inch-tall specimens to extravagant multifoot-high blooms:

You can't beat this hybrid tea rose's rich, warm color -- it's a beautiful blend of rich apricot and glowing orange:

  • Josee Santo

    So pretty! I'd love to have this gorgeous rose in my garden.

Among the most famous fragrances in the garden world, gardenias bear a heavy scent and lovely white flowers:

Its bright color burst is short-lived, but 'Pink Discovery' azalea's solid mass of flamboyant flowers provides a just-right transition from spring to summer bloomers:

The rose has earned its place as America's favorite flower:

Cut a clutch of the iris to put in a vase and take the pleasing fragrance of this early spring flower inside:

Bearded irises grace spring garden with color and perfume:

Lilac varieties come in all shapes and sizes, from dwarf shrubs to taller trees: