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Halloween Games

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  • Katie Doucette

    The are not really supposed to tough the candy. You can put a lid on it so for sure they wont touch the candy. Who ever guesses right or the closest gets the candy! I think it is cute.

  • Debbie Goodis

    It really helps to put another small container with 10 or 20 "for reference" so that people at least have a chance. Otherwise, you might get too small or too big numbers that aren't even close.

  • Kelli Blanton

    We did this at our school carnival this year. The guess's were all over the place! It was fun to watch the little ones guess 27 and some guess 10 million! LOL! Oh well, who gets the closest wins. Our jar had a lid and tape!

  • Alison W.

    Ive done this before and the jar or whatever used was held by an adult then adult let each child look at jar/container. No germs were spread:)

  • Laura Ingram

    I placed the candy corn in a large ziplock bag that is taped. Then I had another large ziplock bag with maybe 100 candy corns in the bag. They use the 100 candy corn bag as a benchmark to estimate the number of candy corns in the large bag.

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