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Organized Opera Girl: Reading List. Make “stickers” by downloading copies of the covers from google, then size them in a word document, print on sticker paper.

Books, Books and more Books.

Libraries Around the World: Austrian National Library | Vienna, Austria. Plus one if you love libraries!

Specters in the Stacks: Thirteen Haunted Libraries

ala-con: This Rainbow Library Brings Fun Back to Reading This rainbow library gives kids a fun place to read, learn and have fun. Architect and designer Arthur Casas designed the interior of the bookstore, which has an almost mystifying mystique to it. Libraries and the entire book industry is waning. It’s simply more difficult to compete with TV and electronics than it ever has been before. Considering kids won’t often come to books on their own, excellent design and a promise of fun is ...

"Carpe Librum - Seize the Book." BIG FAIL: Marielle, 21 y/o, B.S in Accountancy, claimed copyright of this image on Jan 6 2013 ©MNEPONCE ... This business major may have placed the text but totally failed to credit the original source & copyright holder: "Books in Saigon, Nov 2007" © Ahmad TARMIDZI (Photographer. Telok Kurau, Singapore) aka de-ice11 via deviantart. .. ATTRIBUTION & COPYRIGHT LAW REQUIREMENTS: Shouldn't she know better?

Reading Poster, 2011 © Анастасия Горбунова / Anastasia GOBUNOVA (Artist). Altered Caption. The artist won "Best Graphic Work" for this public service ad. Books help us see beyond the walls we once thought were the world -pfb ... Ethics & Empathy Online: Credit the artists & link directly to their sites. That is exactly how Ethics & Empathy online works. Online Censorship: Erasing caption credits.

LOST IN THE LIBRARY © OliSioux (Artist, New Zealand) via DeviantArt. Young woman digging into the bookcase - books and alphabet characters flying everywhere! ... The Golden Rule:

PENELOPE © Erin MCGUIRE aka Paperbones/Etsy (Artist, Dallas, Texas, USA). Library, Librarian, Ladder, Bookshelves, Shelving Books ... Promote the Arts. Give credit where due. Don't separate an artist's name from their art. COPYRIGHT LAW: COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image:

THROUGH THE PAGES (2012) © Nom Kinnear KING (Artist. Brighton & London, England) ... Young woman, Library, Books, Ivy ...If you like the pin, promote the artist! Pin from the Primary source (ie the artist's site). If you already have this pin, it only takes a second to edit the Description & Link by cut & paste. See:

LV, 2010 © Nastasia PETERS (Artist, France -UK) via DeviantArt. Prints & imprinted items available at her shop: "No stealing! It pisses me off!" - 24 y/o Nastasia. [Do not remove caption. International law requires you to credit the artist. Link directly to the artist's website. Artists need to eat too.] PINTEREST on COPYRIGHT:

The FIRST Phone Box Book Exchange, Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset, England, UK. The first time a phone booth was used for books! Created in 2009 when their mobile library was cut. via The Daily Mail. Photo © P.A. ... KEEP attribution & links when repinning or posting to other social media (ie blogs, twitter, tumblr etc). Get the whole story. Link directly to the newspaper that first reported the news. See: -pfb

Book exchange - MASSACHUSETTS, Wilbraham