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Cave Hill Cemetery Louisville Kentucky - a little creepy

Extremely rare photo of Billy when captured at Stinking Springs, December 24th 1880. Billy is on the extreme right where a deputy aims a Colt revolver at Billy's head.

Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father and the only surviving member of the Frank family revisiting the attic they spent the war in, 3 May 1960

20 Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color (Part II)

Here Lies Vincent Van Gogh 1853 - 1890 | Gives me the idea to visit tombstones of famous authors

Snow White or Sleeping Beauty - someone could not bear the thought of her underground...

In Hugo, OK (Circus City USA) there is a cemetery that has a special section for deceased circus performers. There are some very interesting headstones with elephants, clowns, and big top tents.

Old cemetery in the woods close to Innsbruck/Tyrol, Austria

A "Ghost Heart" - A decellularized heart used in transplants to prevent rejection by the host

postmortem photo of a woman resting in an illuminated coffin. An artistic and unusual shot dating from about 1920.

Drunk man, speeding, lost control, and died. #accident #death #gore

Indonesia I think. Guy on a scooter had a collision with an 18 wheeler. Doubt you call it a collision. (1)

Judias "Judy" Buenoano (born Judias Welty, also known as Judias Goodyear, also known as Judias Morris) (April 4, 1943 - March 30, 1998), was a convicted murderer who was executed for the 1971 murder of her husband James Goodyear. She was also convicted for the 1980 murder of her son Michael Goodyear, and of the 1983 attempted murder of her fiancé John Gentry. She is also acknowledged to have been responsible for the 1978 death of her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris in Colorado.

Dennis Nilsen as a boy. To grow up and kill 15 victims. He also committed necrophilia with his victims and kept their bodies until they decomposed.

10 Incredible Recordings

ENGLAND: John Christie who killed up to 8 people in his "House of Horrors" at the infamous 10 Rillington Place. He ran a backstreet abortion clinic in his own home an gassed & strangled his victims including his wife Ethel. His tenant Timothy Evans was falsely accused & hanged for two of the crimes Christie actually committed.