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River Bed Idea - this post has a video showcasing a gorgeous home! There are a lot of landscaping ideas on it!!!

House Beautiful: Their garden is their workout centre

A secret trick to better squash? When the seedlings are up and thinned, it's time to plant hairy vetch between the hills. The vetch prevents erosion and keeps the ground cooler on hot summer days. It also crowds out most weeds in the space between the hills. But its greatest virtue is that, as a legume, it changes the nitrogen in the air into a form that can be taken up by the squash plants, a process known as nitrogen fixation.

How to Grow Superb Summer Squash - Vegetable Gardener

Photo of Trumpet Vine grown as a tree. A 6x6 post cemented in the ground to support it, keep them at about 6ft. high. In the fall cut the side branching arms to about 12 inches. the main trunks are kept intact.

Garden Tower - A Self Contained Garden/Composting System. - Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

Garden Tower - A Self Contained Garden/Composting System.

The Upcycled Garden - April 2014 awesome site I love the gingerbread corners

Dishfunctional Designs: The Upcycled Garden - April 2014

Rooting Succulent Leaf Cuttings with Honey,. this is an excellent site for learning succulent care!

Starting Succulents from Leaves- i love doing this and watching them grow :) you can get so many plants from just one succulent!

Place hay under pumpkins, squash to keep them from rotting as they touch soil and to protect from soil dwelling insects.

Cantitoe Corners: Martha's Vegetable Garden

“He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.” Proverbs 28:19

Preparedness Quotes Vol. 6 | Mom with a PREP

Plants that repel Mosquitos

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally - Infinity Lawn & Garden

Seed Jars made from tic tac boxes - much better than the flimsy packets which keep opening - home storage idea diy

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Rooftop Gardens Packaging (Student Project)

Candy Box - Vintage Vegetable Seed Tray

Candy Box - Vintage Vegetable Seed Tray

Starting plants from seeds Provide a proper home to your seeds. Seeds want more than plain old garden soil. I normaly use a Seed Starting Mix, or Peat Soil Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs that expand with water. Always read the seed packet manual. It'll tell you when to start the seeds. or when to move the plants outside, or info on sun requirements.....

Starting plants from seeds

Old Flower Seed box This reminds me to add nasturtium seeds to the list for the home garden and Perry Community Garden. A colorful and flavorful addition to Summer salads and sandwiches.

Herbs to grow in the window

Some helpful tips for growing Green Beans

How to grow green beans in your home garden

mini greenhouses

ITLLDO: an obsession with imperfection: 5/1/10 - 6/1/10