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23 Miniature Pups In Cups

Community Post: 23 Miniature Pups In Cups

Barely 2 weeks old, these Atlantic Grey Seals at Donna Nook will have to fatten up before leaving to fend for themselves.

Afternoon snooze... I Iove naps, too.

Afternoon snooze... by hestur on deviantART

The water was almost over my head, Mom. Photo by Michael North

big cats

I haven't ever even seen a dolphin this little! Baby dolphin and baby penguin becoming friends.

32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

CatLion: Is It a New Specie? - Orble

CatLion: Is It a New Specie? - Orble

Sea horse

If I had an animal sanctuary, I wouldn't even half an alarm system. No, see, I would have an extremely large run around my perimeter, and at night, I would release a bunch of these guys throughout the run. And there would be a nice warning, and if you chose to ignore it, you'd get your face ripped off.

My favorite zoo in Belgium is "De Olmense zoo", nice collection of animals, good facilities to take photographs and of course Simba The Lion. Simba was elected as the most beautiful Lion of Flanders. I agree!

cute baby monkey hillarious animals with funny faces

Lolz Animals With Funny Mid Yawn Faces