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Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Probably the coolest thing ever.

These headphones scan your brain and play music to match your mood. mico - brainwave controlled headphones by neurowear

a recreation of Barbie as the average American woman: some experts say she would have to walk on all fours because she couldn't hold herself upright. But one thing's for sure: the average woman doesn't look much like a Barbie doll.That's the point that artist Nickolay Lamm makes with his "real life" version of Barbie. Using data from the Centres for Disease Control, he based his doll on the real measurements of an average 19-year-old girl in the U.S

How to Be Happy: 8 Ways to Feel Better About Everything | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine

Moonmelon (scientifically knows as asidus). This fruit grows in some parts of Japan and is known for its vibrant blue colour. This fruit's party trick is that it can switch flavours after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste! uhm, what?