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Cool Instructographics

Instructions + Graphics = Instructographics (Helpful infographic type images to give all of us who need pictures a better idea how to create many DIY projects we normally wouldn't attempt.) See more at

DIY DIY DIY Pom Pom Garland for outdoor an indoor parties. Learn how to make them with this instructographic, instructographics, cool instructographic

A Walk In The Park Stroller Bag DIY by madebymarzipan: It snaps onto any stroller’s handles so it’s easily accessible and features two elasticized side pockets for bottles or sippy cups, a loop for your key ring or a pacifier, two front pockets for snacks and toys, and a large inner pocket for everything else! Check out the instructional video. #DIY #Stroller_Bag #madeebymarzipan

DIY Stroller Bag: Made By Marzipan

cover your refrigerator with tiny magnet photos that are customized with your family. Great diy project. You gotta have Photoshop for this diy craft work though. I am liking these instructorgraphics...very helpful.

DIY Tiny Polaroid Refrigerator Magnets | Cool Instructographics

Beautiful, fun and creative – everything DIY project should be and this instructographic on how to create your own Kokedama Hanging Plant with String. All you need is a small plant and some twine and a little bit of work and this plant and flower can be hanging from your porch in no time.

Carbon neutral document management software firm Version One outline 7 simple life changing tips to save both money and the environment by thinking green and becoming more socially and environmentally aware. This infographic was created as the first part of a series of 10 instructographics looking to offer simple easy to follow environmental tips in an easy to consume format.

The template for any instructographic.

Instructographic for how to make moss graffiti

How To Make Moss Graffiti - Alligator Sunglasses