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Vintage Beer

Beer related advertising, historical photo's, etc...

85 Pins

Blatz can


Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ad, 1952 #vintage #1950s | Tumblr

Dr. Seuss beer ad, 1937

How to pamper a husband. Schlitz beer ad Illustrated by Tom Hall, 1951.


Boston Beer Cans - Cans In My Collection

Iron City Beer

The Beer Brewing Book | The Definitive Guide to Home Brewing Beer

Ambassador Beer

Boston Beer Cans - Cans In My Collection

Schlitz "Milwaukee Club" Cone top beer can.

Krueger's Special Beer "K" man flat top can

  • Mac

    A landmark can.

  • Mac

    There are several other beer cans in my "Cans & Tins" album. Just posted a few more this morning.

  • Bill Roush

    Indeed! Thanks Douglas, I will have to browse your board!

  • Mac

    Thanks for looking Bill.

Brown Derby Beer, flat top can.

Royal Pale Ale flat top can.

Cardinal Premium Beer, cone top can.

Gluek's cone top beer can.

Vintage Packaging: 500 Beer Cans from Around the World

beer truck

1928 Mercedes Truck, Carlsberg Beer

1919 White Keg Truck, Labatt Brewing Co. by aldenjewell, via Flickr

Olympia Old label bottle

Anheuser Busch

Blatz vintage beer ad. Halloween theme. 1949

Miller High Life vintage ad. Christmas sleigh ride

Schlitz vintage ad. Christmas theme. I love this one. 5 minutes to Christmas and Dad, eyeing the clock, has already opened his case of Schlitz, that clearly said, "don't open until xmas"

Rheingold "Seasons Greetings" vintage ad. 1955

Miller High Life vintage ad. Christmas theme. 1949