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How to Carry Firewood - The Easy Way - Get the scoop on the easiest, cleanest, and most ergonomically correct way to carry firewood.

An amazing wood maze.

DIY Projects | From My Little Cottage

Job done.  I managed to get an entire barrow load of split starters done before the weather really started to set in. Warmed up with a nice bowl, today was a good day by Ian Norris

This fully functional 'Facecord Cabinet' will blend right into the woodpile, designed by Mark Moskovitz, it will set you back $5,800.

Making fire starter shavings with the Swedish Camp Axe at Lumberland.

The Wood Pile, Barryville New York

A Fine Tool: The Axe Helve (a brief primer and a poem) If you want to call yourself an axe man or woman you must learn to hang your own axe (stay tuned in the coming weeks as we plan to offer more tips on that). We think that making and or hanging your own axe is a tremendous holiday project, and at the very least a good excuse to duck into the workshop and out of the crossfire of unsavory house guests (we guarantee the in-laws will suitably impressed, intimidated or flat out shocked you’r

Splitting on the reverse with the American Felling Axe.

New SoMa Art and Design Gallery Showcases a Global Flair of Stacked Wood.

Do not do this ~ Storing wood inside is an excellent way to get an insect infestation in your house...Leave wood outside under shelter. You should only bring inside, what you will burn daily.

Just had the wood delivered to my writing cottage. Autumn is here. Winter is coming ~ Photo by...Laurie Halse Anderson©