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A young Comanche boy is pictured wearing traditional clothing at a Native American celebration in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

Charles Chibitty, WW II Veteran and Comanche Code Talker

Mangas Colorado, is the most prominent, influential Apache who has existed for a century. possessing great intelligence. In one of his raids into Sonora, he carried off a beautiful Mexican girl, whom he made his wife, to the exclusion of his Apache women. This bred trouble in the tribe for a time, but was ended by Mangas challenging any of the offended brothers or relatives of his discarded wives. Two accepted the challenge. Both were killed in a fair duel. Source: John Cremony, 1850.

Jonas White Bear - Nez Perce

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Native Wisdom~Peace of mind is a jewel looked for in the worst of times & in the best of times. It is the feeling we get when we turn from a busy highway to a secluded spot along a country lane. Peace is suppertime when the sunset gilds. It is a warm bath, a soft pillow, a shaft of sunlight that touches the spirit. But most of all, it is hearing something we believe when it is hard to believe in anything. It is knowing that things can work out, peace does come & life is worth living.

White Wolf: Native American Powwow Tradition Celebrated in Pictures and Pride

Native American Sayings, Quotes and Prayers

Native American Sayings, Quotes and Prayers | Facebook

Above we show a majestic photo of a Jemez Indian. It was made in 1926 by Edward S. Curtis. The illustration shows the Jemez Indian in a head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left. The picture was taken in Jemez, New Mexico.

Sunflower, Dakota Sioux, by Heyn Photo, ca. 1899

This morning we feature a portrait of Amos Two Bulls, a Sioux Brave. The picture was taken in 1900. By this time, the traditional Indian lifestyle had pretty much come to an end. Most were living on reservations at this point. Amos Two Bulls was a member of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.

Old Picture of the Day: Native American

"Legacy" by Meadow Gist | Oil on canvas.

The Apache. Their knife fighting skills were so great, that the techniques are taught to Navy SEALS and British SAS to this day

Amerindian: David Yorke's art

Native Americans Indians

Red Thunder was very important in the history of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa. He was a secondary chief to Little Shell III. He was appointed by Little Shell III to preside over his 24-member council in Little Shell III’s absence. He was instrumental in the McCumber Commission. Red Thunder is recognized for the speech he gave to the McCumber Commission

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