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House Rabbit Habitat Ideas

Dedicated to Great House Rabbit Habitat Ideas. For more great ideas check out the BinkyBunny DIY Habitat Ideas

omg this is the cuuuutest little rabbit house ♥

Rabbit condos so much better for your pet bunny then a pet store cage!

Really neat indoor rabbit cage..found on a forum

A rabbit! Roaming free in it's stylish, pristine-yet-colourful natural habitat.

Xpens or custom pens are easy to clean and provide spacious confinement.

Cube type DIY cages can make for a roomy space when your space is limited. (just make sure to use the cube grids that the 1" grid spaces otherwise, a bunny can get his head stuck in the grids are spaced larger.

If you have enough space for a bunny room, you still may want to keep him out of the rest of the house when not supervised, without having to shut the door completely.

Bunny Room with Bunny Window Lounge box over Hidey House Home