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* The Kids Co-Op *

The Kids Co-Op features the best creative kids' crafts, learning activities, and PLAY ideas of the week.

Ice chalk - art with a frozen sensory twist! || Gift of Curiosity

Pom pom graphing - a fun and tactile way to introduce young children to the basic math skill of graphing! #math #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Princess Printables Pack: 74 princess printables and activities for kids ages 2-7 to work on skills such as shapes and sizes, colors, same vs. different, sorting/categorizing, patterning, puzzles, mazes, fine motor, math, and literacy. #freeprintables || Gift of Curiosity

Beach Printable Pack: 49 beach-themed activities for kids ages 2-7 #freeprintable || Gift of Curiosity

Sand and Ocean Themed Sensory Activities for Kids + The Weekly Kids Co-Op at SensoryActivitiesforKids #kids #spd #sensory #kbn

Books about the five senses for kids - Six individual books and three book series featuring children's books about the five senses #fivesenses || Gift of Curiosity

11 ocean activities, including ocean sensory play, ocean crafts, ocean pretend play, ocean fine motor play, ocean printables, and ocean books #ocean #ece #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

12 Activities for Busy Toddlers from The Kids Weekly Co-Op - ways to play with and engage an on-the-go toddler.

8 Fine Motor Activities with Everyday Objects + Many More at SensoryActivitiesforKids #kids #finemotor #spd #kbn

Five senses activities: A printable My 5 Senses activity book plus a link to a five senses sorting activity #5senses #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

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