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* The Kids Co-Op *

The Kids Co-Op features the best creative kids' crafts, learning activities, and PLAY ideas of the week.

12 Activities for Busy Toddlers from The Kids Weekly Co-Op - ways to play with and engage an on-the-go toddler.

8 Fine Motor Activities with Everyday Objects + Many More at SensoryActivitiesforKids #kids #finemotor #spd #kbn

Five senses activities: A printable My 5 Senses activity book plus a link to a five senses sorting activity #5senses #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

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    Hello @Katie @ Gift of Curiosity, I think you have some really great boards. But of them I like "* The Kids Co-Op *" most. I would highly appreciate if I could get the chance to be a member of this group board and share my pins with you all. Thanks :)

Bugs galore! 10 bug-themed activities, crafts, books, sensory play, songs, and more for kids ages 3-9! #bugs #insects #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Rainbow bubbles - an outdoor sensory art experience for kids #ece #kbn || Gift of Curiosity

Surprise Color Sidewalk Paint - This paint recipe is so much fun to make because kids have no idea what color they will be making until it after it erupts!

Explore the sense of touch focusing on temperature using DIY thermic glasses. Make four glasses with water of different temperatures. Have kids put the glasses in order from coolest to warmest. #fivesenses #handsonlearning #Montessori || Gift of Curiosity

The Blubber Experiment: This simple experiment lets kids experience for themselves how blubber keeps an animal warm in cold temperatures || Gift of Curiosity

Five super fun water table ideas to try. I love these! Perfect for the kids this summer!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Draw a Story