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Your Birchboxes

We love to see pictures of your Birchboxes and all of the ways you use them. Some of the ones you've shared!

Our intern Julia was the target of an intervention today. 7 old boxes bit the dust. Tell us: what's your number?

  • Anna blake

    I have eleven saved for gifting in the holiday season!!

  • Karen Kaanehe

    I try to reuse each box but I really with Birchbox would use LESS packaging!! We don't need a box inside of tissue inside of a box inside of a box!!!

  • Birchbox

    @Karen Kaanehe we appreciate your feedback and will be sure to pass it along.

  • Farah

    Probably 6. I use mine as drawer organizers for my vanity.

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Your Birchboxes

  • Lisa Welchel

    Subscribe for $10 a months to gets the best most exclusive beauty products delivered to your front door!!!! I love it and look forward to my box every month!!!

Triangle Ombre Nail Tutorial featuring Color Club Mod in Manhattan

Best day of the month? Whatever day our @birchbox comes! #bbfinishingschool

How to turn your empty Birchboxes into nail polish holders

Birchbox Shop Mini-Haul {Unboxing + First Impressions} ~ Dana Renee {Style}

Got a question about how to use your sample or new product from the Birchbox Shop? Just send a tweet to @BirchboxOps using the hashtag #SpecialOps. An Ops team member will send you a video made especially for you with all the answers you need to know!

DIY Birchbox Organizer

  • Plated

    This is great! Always looking for ideas for what to do with all of our cute birchboxes :)

  • Marti Starnes

    Great idea!!! Have kept all of mine because they are so cute!

My september @birchbox

  • Tiffany Sneddon

    I list all the boxes on my blog

  • Elizabeth Fochtman

    I did like my box this month, but I wonder why the big variation in worth of each box...IMO the "quiz" is very general, I dont know how they can tell which person should get which box based on that quiz.

  • ♥Lindsey♥

    I love love love that vasarti face scrub! The twistband thing is crap though. PLEASE STOP GIVING THOSE OUT! They're just strips of fabric. And they don't even keep your hair up. Ugh.

  • Rache M

    UGH so jealous!! My box SUCKED!

  • Mary Bahan

    Can I ask what you put for if you could splurge on one product what would it be? I'm thinking what you answer there might somewhat control the goodies in the box?

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August Birchbox! @birchbox

  • Sheila Glenn

    I didn't fill out one is it too late? I have been getting them for a couple months now

  • Elizabeth Fochtman

    Leslie yours sounds good to me! :)Of coure everything is going to be tiny, theyre SAMPLES. and its only $10 a month, but I would like to get things I WANT in it. lol.

  • Mary Carpenter

    No kidding! It is only $10 a month, of course they will be samples, and small ones. Any store you go to, like Ulta or Sephora charges $10 alone for a sample size of Mascara. There are a ton of samples in this box for $10! Did anybody even take the time to look up any of the prices for any of the items in their box alone? The razor in this box is pretty pricey by itself, PLUS, there was a $4 off coupon for the razor. I love my birchbox. I think it's great, and I loved this month too.

  • Shelley Johnson

    I subscribed to birchbox when it was still pretty new, it was over a year ago. I got pretty good samples then. in one of my boxes I got a Laura geller

  • Nicole Konitski

    ♥ my Birchbox but was not happy that my Juicy sample arrived without any perfume in it because the spitzer broke and it leaked inside the box :( however the razer and the mint lipgloss made up for that

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August's Birchbox #birchbox

  • GoodGood Gorgeous

    One of my faves! Loved this box!

  • Kheila

    really good box

  • Holly Marquez

    Dang I wish my box looked like this! I got the razor two hand soaps and the juicy perfume..... It was not a good month..... Fingers crosses for September!! :-)

  • Shelley Johnson

    I only got two things in this box. I wish I had gotten this one. Disappointed!!!! I have the yearly subscription too. I can't cancel.

  • Kristin White

    Not sure what some of those things are. I got the razor, hand wipes and perfume sample. Razor w/ coupon was great!

Fashion Maven.... Mommy: July Birchbox

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  • Melinda Payne

    My box was not great this month..... This box looks much better.

  • Janet Barker-Evans

    I only got half of that stuff - what gives?

  • Rachel Hill

    I always love my boxes!

  • Suzanne Adams Bell

    I got my first one and it was a bummer. Like the lipstain but, a Lara bar and a perfume sample I could get for free at Nordstrom? I will give it one more try, but, it was a let down when I opened it. Mine sure did not look like this picture, I thought maybe some of it was missing?

  • Shelley Johnson

    Disappointed. Why couldn't I get this one.

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  • Needlesing

    I want the band aids too. Those are a hot commodity in my house. Mine only came with the lip stain, not any of the other stuff.

  • Lynn Rudeen

    My birchbox was really skinmpy this month. I am jealous. :(

  • Lauren Strong

    mine was better this month than last ! I really wanted the bag

  • Lynn Rudeen

    the plastic bag? I got one. I'ts a zip loc bag with a pattern on it.

  • Taylor Vogt

    love my bag zip loc bag, looks like lilly!

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  • Shawonika Green

    This is my exact box:) Normally, i find that i LOVE one..MAYBE 2 of my products and they get used up right away. Howver with this box..i LOVED everything in was perfect for me Boy that linner is the the stain..sooo great, a MUST buy and that rose water..who could want a better box? I also thought the bandaids were super cute. Wont be using the moisturizer too much or the band aids..but my box was so awesome, who cares:)..LOVED this month best of all so far..keep em coming BB!!