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I'm a longtime Dachshund person and a supporter of Dachshund rescue. My pups are much loved family members.

Handle every stressful situation like a dachshund. If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Dachshund Stressful Situation Magnet for the Refridgerator

Doxies - Character Study - Alisa Coburn Illustration

Daxies - Character Study - Alisa Coburn Illustration

Dachshund - talk to the paw!

18 cute dachshund paws - I Love Dachshunds

View from the Birdhouse: Happy 4th of July: In Praise of Thundershirts

Lily the Miniature Dachshund from Daily Puppy

Lily the Miniature Dachshund

Red Pepper Dachshund

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Pink the Piglet and Tink the Dachshund mother

UPDATED Pics and Story: Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet

"Pick me uuuuup, Mommy!" - cute doxie puppy!

Dachshund Parade - ingloriousbassets: "Pick me uuuuup!”

Dachshunds love Easter!

Spud the Dachshund - with a tennis ball that looks as big as him! The Daily Puppy

Spud the Dachshund

Spud the Dachshund - The Daily Puppy

Spud the Dachshund

1941 vintage photo - little girl and her dachshund

I liked this design on #Fab. 1941 Girl And Her Dachshund

Doxie Books

For the next generation of dachshund-lovers… | Tuck and Roll
  • Judy McCarthy

    They forgot Schnitzel Von Crum who was low to his tum....Hairy McCleary from Donelson Dairy

  • Birdhouse Books

    Love the Schnitzel Von Crum books! My favorite is the vintage book Part-Time Dog by Jane Thayer. It is really a super cute dachshund picture book.

  • Judy McCarthy

    Have to check it out!

♥ Adopted dachshund and his favorite bedtime story

  • Barbara Ferrucci Young

    Awww! This is so cute! Thank you Sandy! I'm still not sure what to do with them, though. but, I guess I'll try something!

Cute Miniature Crocheted Animals by Su Ami

Gorgeous Dachshund Puppy

Happy Memorial Day from my dachshunds and me :-)

--Longhair Dachshund Christmas Greetings

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