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TuTu table made for 50 and Fabulous party.

50's theme apron. This is on dish soap, but I would probably put them on water bottles.

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Milkshake Centerpiece - 50's Theme

What do you think of my centerpiece idea? - Weddingbee
  • Teralyn Byrd

    I think it is sand in the glass. Does look like carnations. Probably silk.

  • Laurie Caruso

    Sand? Oh...hmm..that's interesting... I guess they sell colored sand...never would have thought of that. Didn't you make it though?? I need to find a larger glass however....

  • Andre S

    That's what I was thinking 12oz glasses would be too small for a centerpiece.

  • Teralyn Byrd

    I didn't make it. I found it while looking for ideas for a party

  • Patricia Mcbryar

    like this,, love the elevation on glass.......

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