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Brown Sugar Pancakes with Bacon Maple Butter

PicMonkey: Photo Editing Made Of Win

Strawberry Margarita Jello-O-Shots

Beef Jerky Variety 3Pk by Kings County Jerky now $26 on @Fab. You’re a jerky kinda guy, and everybody knows it. Indulge your leanings—you bovine-obsessed masticator—with some of the finest beef in the Northeast. Sourced from Brooklyn’s own Kings County, this Variety Pack features its best flavors including Sichuan Ginger, Korean BBQ, and Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky. Three kinds of delicious beef, all locally-sourced just for you, ya jerk. Includes three 2oz bags, one of each flavor.

Piggy Baking Mold Set Of 3, $26, now @Fab. This little piggy has a sweet tooth. More specifically, this Piggy Baking Mold Set has all the tools you need to satiate a sweet tooth in adorable porcine fashion. Like all Siliconezone products, this set of three molds puts durable, dense-yet-flexible, temperature-resistant silicone to the test. As a result, your homemade chocolates, muffins, and cake will take the form of edible oinkers—while reminding the grown-ups not to overindulge.

Raspberry Trifle in a Mason Jar There’s something old fashioned and romantic about a dessert served in a mason jar. This delicious trifle uses a fudge brownie topped with raspberries and whipped cream for a delicious dessert for Valentine’s Day, or any day.

Cupcake Recipes

dog in a dog (hot dog and cheese inside)

These bacon pancakes satisfy both the sweet and savory senses. Surprise your family with this breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning.