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Barbara Iverson

Barbara Iverson

College prof, tech geek, publisher, news media maven.

Transportation by the numbers

A ceramic jackalope to hang my hat on. From Dot and Bo

In 1985 The Press Association Presented The Future of Journalism. Yes, they knew the future, but they decided to deny it and fight it, rather than live in it. So sad.

e cornerstones were news judgment and reporting. The foundation also included language and analysis. The central stone was technology, betwe...

Which Social Media Management Tools Are Fortune 100 Companies Using? [INFOGRAPHIC] so in 2014, which companies are using which social media tools (from LeadSift)

ICERI2009 - Post Conference Report Documenting attendance at ICERI 2009 I presented a paper.

ICERI2009 - Post Conference Report Documentation. Using Pinterest to show my participation in ICERI 2009 conference in Madrid, Spain. I am the one in red.

"Food Maps": Informative, Delicious, Freaking Beautiful Wonderful idea.

Gdp_map_o1 Gross domestic product totals of states, compared to countries of the world. Illinois=Saudi Arabia, etc.

A backpack designed to hold that annoying bike helmet. Trés Chic.

VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloud. This might be worth it but we should get SMC to buy it.

Apple - iPod touch. The 32 GB should be fine for teachers who don't have iPhones.

Introducing the new Chromebook.

Top Trends in Online Journalism for 2014 by Chartbeat | Real-time site data for front-line teams via slideshare

Best Data Visualization Tools From HOW this reviews apps for data viz. For mobile readers, data viz catch the eye and break up long text scrolls.

The social media editors at the Wall Street Journal have even figured out a way to promote content without art on the visual-heavy social ne...

Ma's tree 2009 by biverson, via Flickr. We planted it in her memory. Note how much it has grown since '09.

Jeanne and I | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Not Chicago-2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

With my folding bikes by biverson, via Flickr

Nov. sunset by biverson, before the Palm grew tall enough to block the view.

nature walk by biverson, via Flickr

gators in the glades | Flickr - Photo Sharing!