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FREE Printable Letter Banners at! Print a banner for any holiday, party or room for FREE!!! LOVE these!!

Each person gets one specific paper with no name tags. Then, on Christmas morning, each stocking will have one small present wrapped in their paper, and that's how they find out which presents under the tree are theirs! No snooping! GREAT idea!

How to make the best shorts from jeans! Pin now; read later.

Dollar store - outdoor black rubber door mat. Spray painted with Heirloom White from Home Depot. Sand to get a rustic feel.

Free Chevron and Moroccan Printables and Layouts

FREE chevron pattern printables

Fill a bowl or small serving platter with coffee beans and add tea lights - when you burn them your whole house will smell like freshly brewed coffee!

SUCH a clever, inexpensive idea for centerpieces. Looked so classy.