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Gardening tips, tricks, and ideas. Whether or not I get to do or use them all is a different story!

Amazing raised bed design

A Taste of the Earth: raised bed is done... with amenities

Citrus tree. Can't check the site out because the website is down. Just look at the pretty picture.

Now this is cool! Alternative Gardening: Rooting hydrangea cuttings alternative-energ...

Alternative Gardning: Rooting hydrangea cuttings

How To Prune Tomato Plants - Alternative Energy and Gardning

How To Prune Tomato Plants - Alternative Energy and Gardning

Mosquito repelling “Creeping Thyme” plant. (Also called Thymus serpyllum, Creeping Lemon Thyme, Breckland thyme, wild thyme or creeping thyme.) It has citronella oil that makes it smell lemony. Put in planters on the patio.

Pest-Fighting Flowers, Growing flowers alongside your veggies can greatly help in the fight against pests.

Pest-Fighting Flowers - Vegetable Gardener

DIY Gardening Projects That You Can Actually Make 2

How to build My $50 Greenhouse. $50 if you use mostly recycled materials or if you have items on hand. Otherwise, the guy says it will cost closer to $200 for all brand new materials.

How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse » The Door Garden

Supposed to be recycled art, but I think it would work well as a garden planter. Maybe with a big lavender bush, or a nice way to corral chives. Recycled tires, with the side walls cut away on one side, probably screwed together with a smaller tire on the bottom, and bolted to some kind of flat surface for the bottom. No idea on the handle.

5 Amazing Garden Art Ideas from Recycled Materials

DIY Garden & Yard Privacy • ideas & tutorials!

Need Privacy? DIY Garden Privacy Ideas | The Garden Glove

purtiful images | Purtiful images planting herbs and flowers for pests,

purtiful images | Purtiful images

Certain varieties of raspberries and blueberries will grow happily in a container on your patio. Great idea for any vine berries- will keep them from completely taking over.

A bounty of berries in a pot and seminars at the garden show

Get willow branches from landscape nursery in bundles of 100 sticks. Put branches in ground at least 6 inches, and 4 to 8 inches apart (one pointing left, the next pointing right). Then weave them together. Using hemp twine, tie them together at the top.

une haie vivante en osier

How to tell when your Carrots/veggies are ready to harvest. Great guide for beginners! Also has links for tomatoes, peppers, melons and watermelons, sweet corn, squash, and onion.

Gardening 101: How to tell when carrots are ready to harvest

How to grow strawberries vertically with a PVC pipe support system. The instructions on this site are well-written. No heating/re-molding of the PVC pipe is required. PVC pipe can be painted. Lightly sand the pipe, paint with primer (Kiltz or Zinsser 1-2-3) to cover up any writing on the pipe and seal it, the spray with plastic spraypaint (Krylon Fusion).

Grow comfrey for healing scrapes and bruises, activating compost and conditioning soil. Originally published as