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Lemon fish garnish ~ Carrot fins and lips pushed through slits cut in the lemon. Olive eyes held with toothpicks.

Easy Flower Vase Garnish

Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes: Contests

Fruit and Vegetables toothpicked onto a styrofoam tree form

Tutorial to make this red pepper flower display ~ by Chef Francisco Vita

Simple , Hard-boiled Chicken Eggs! - Slice a carrot comb and beak - Slice a bit off the bottom for a flat surface on which to stand - Sitting upright, slice the egg down about 1/2 inch to gently insert the carrot piece - Add black peppercorns to each side of the egg for eyes. www.communitychic...

Grape, watermelon, strawberry sticks

Watermelon Turtle {Edible Fruit Crafts}. So cute!

Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving

Fruit & Vegetable carving

Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving

The Intricate Art of Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving

Aneta's Vegetable and fruit Carving

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Success Story: Aneta Lekas

Fruit And Vegetable Carving Lord Ganesha....