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Bar keepers Friend

Bar keepers Friend

Barkeepers Friend is a premium household cleanser. The product was invented in 1882 and is manufactured in Indianapolis, IN.

Bar keepers friend is your pots best friend

Bar Keepers friend cleaner...heaven sent for old sinks and stoves :)

WINNER: If you have thick soap scum, hard water spots or both, Bar Keepers Friend Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner should be the first product you choose. (One important note: You should never use an acidic cleaner to remove soap scum from stone, like marble. The acidic properties that remove the scum will also degrade the finish on your stone. Opt for ammonia instead.)

Crate and Barrel - Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish for Stainless Steel and Copper

Bar Keeper's Friend.. Bubye clr... This got the rust stain out of my tub in seconds. Nothing else worked! Amazing!!

Cleaning the dishwasher with Bar Keepers Friend

Clean dishwasher after using Bar Keepers Friend. You should see the befores! Wow!

The ULTIMATE cleaning secret weapon! Bar Keepers Friend. This works wonders on my porcelain sink! **KEEPER**

Wow! Lots of Bar Keepers Friend original powder uses for around your home! {on Stain Removal 101}

The secret for getting chrome bathroom light fixtures and shower curtain rods clean and preventing rust.

I love this "bar keepers friend" best stuff around

Clean mailbox by andiezoe, via Flickr. Watermarks and dirt removed with Bar Keeper's Friend

How to get rust off a stainless grill: use Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend is the secret to cleaning stainless steel cookware! Love this stuff!!

How-To Make Brass Shine with Bar Keepers Friend

Don't let the cleaning get you down! Reach for some 'friendly' help from Bar Keepers Friend!

Bar keepers friend is your pots best friend

They Are Crafty: How to clean your bathtub! Bar Keeper's Friend is the key!

Bar Keeper's Friend to clean hardware on a campaign dresser

clean bbq grill-bar keepers friend & stainless steel magic

bar keeper's friend + scouring stick for rust removal. Also, Restore-a-finish for wood renewal.

They Are Crafty: Cleaners Cleaning burners with Bar Keeper's Friend