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Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend

Barkeepers Friend is a premium household cleanser. The product was invented in 1882 and is manufactured in Indianapolis, IN.

How to remove rust from your outdoor grills using Bar Keepers Friend.

use bar keeper's friend to clean brass hardware - Little Green Notebook: Campaign Furniture

Mates 2 Renovate Cleaning Brass, Bar Keepers Best friend, Cleaning a coffee table

Postcards from the Ridge: How to make your glass cooktop sparkle for pennies

Here's a way to clean stainless steel pans. Just scrub the pan with Bar Keepers Friend and the stains come off. Mine was really dirty so I had to scrub for about 10 mins. Happy cleaning!

Got this stuff from the dollar store and it has worked better than every product I have tried and every home remedy! Called bar keepers friend. Put it on a wet surface then scrub and rinse

After I've tried EVERY Thing to clean my copper sinks I finally found the BEST product to do so... Bar Keepers Friend. I am one who does not care for patina it takes it right off and makes my sink look like a brand new penny!

Bar Keepers Friend to the rescue again. This grungy teapot came into the thrift store. I cleaned it up and put it out on the floor. Amazing what a little elbow grease can do.

Some of my plates have a few small grey scratches on them, and I haven't tried removing them. The Corelle website recommends Bar Keeper's Friend or Zud or any non-abrasive cleaner to remove them. ....My wife has a set of Tienshan/Fairfield China that gets those gray marks too. A "Magic Eraser" pad from Mr. Clean removes those marks as well as the scuff marks and stains that appear on our white enamel kitchen sink.

Savvy Southern Style: Vintage Copper in the Kitchen "I used Bar Keeper's Friend cleaner. As soon as you pour some on it lifts the tarnish away. Just rub it all over and rinse and dry. So easy and no polishing or strong odors."

How to restore the beauty of your bakeware

Used Bar Keeper's Friend powder to clean the hard water stains from my shower doors. Top is untreated, bottom is treated.

Found this 'remedy' on Pinterest! Amazing to say the least! Good old fashioned elbow grease and Bar Keepers Friend! Great stuff! Find it in any grocery in the cleaning supplies!! It Rocks! Bring new life to old dishes!

Kitchen cart after. Original enamel top cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend. Cherry red enamel paint

really nice DIY paint job. she used bar keeper's friend to polish the brass stuff.

Magic Eraser, Bar Keeper's Friend, water, and elbow grease. Most of the superficial scratches on my car are gone! www.barkeepersfri...

My cream dinner wear before using Bar Keepers Friend - I was ready to change it

Bar Keepers Friend can revive original house numbers. They are going back up!

Remove scratches in toilet from the ill advised Snake with Bar Keepers Friend. p.s. It's better to use a Toilet Auger rather than a Snake to remove clogs.

Bar keepers friend to clean ceramic cooktops before and after picture

Bar Keepers Friend; really does work for getting rid of scratches on your dishes! And many other numerous items.

Bar Keepers Friend! The secret to restoring the "newness" of my All Clad! So glad to find this and even happier when I realized I already had the solution in a little container under my sink :-)

Bar Keepers Friend is something I bought to clean my copper and it freaking works! So happy. : )