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This would be me. It takes a lot to make me blow, but when I do it is like Mount Vesuvius has been stuffed into a short little red-head

This Capricorn quote could not be any truer, especially right now

Not Taurus but something I need to remember for the Capricorns in my life!

Capricorn! !!

And the con to that is I become over-whelmed and become a grouch because I feel like everyone else is slacking lol

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Capricorns have a secret fear that people are always judging them…

Scorpio will purposely immerse themselves in negativity until it destroys them... sounds right

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When A Capricorn Is In A Bad Mood Leave Them Alone Because At That Moment, They Don't Care. #Capricorn #Quotes

Except i don't think i look mature and i don't mind being made fun of (as long as its a joke)


capricorn capricorn


Hit The Nail On The Head!

yep, yep, especially if I've had time to sit on that hurt. I have learned to keep a lot inside. Thankful for the shoulder I have to lean on.

This is true all the way and its so hard because I forgive but I NEVER forget. Ever. I remember ever mean, angry, awful thing and who said it to me.