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Pan Fries, Mmmm Yum, Fries Morel, Side, Food, Nutmeg Nanny, Appetizers, Morel Mushrooms, Fond Memories

Black Morel (Morchella Augusticeps) -Morels are one of the few mushroom species that fruit in the springtime instead of the fall. The Blond Morels tend to fruit earlier in the season and in warmer climates than the Black Morels, which are often hidden up in the mountains.

Yellow Morel mushroom By UnderTheSameMoon2 flickr


Morels: where to find and what to do with them

How to Find Morel Mushrooms in Ohio State Parks | USA Today ** NING Check with a state park in advance before hunting morels. Although most state parks permit hunting the mushrooms, they may have a limit on the number that you can pick and take out of the park.

Mushroom Grilled Cheese with Balsamic Caramelized Onions -- toasted with Rosemary- Parmesan Buttered Bread

Foraging for Morels. #mushrooms #foraging #michigan

"winter morels"

wonderful memories hunting morels with Grandpa

black morels. so tasty.


Looks like I'm not the only one that loves morels.

morels love hunting these in Spring

My mouth is watering. Morels!

Gray and Yellow Morels

morels fried in butter with a splash of white vermouth creating a thin sauce poured over a steak of venison

First Morels of the Year!

Morels - undisclosed location

Looking for all of the morels I can find today !



Deep Fried Morels

morels found! I didn`t like them as a kid but learned to VERY much like them as an adult!

It's time to start thinking morels!