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Heroes Ammo 27.03.14

Available from 9am (AEST) 27 March 2014 at

Wonder Woman Cape Suit by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

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Superman Cape Suit by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

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Rorschach GFT (WKEND PRESALE) by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

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Rorschach BFT (WKEND PRESALE) by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

The Black Freighter GFT (WKEND PRESALE) by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

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Shattered Ruby Leggings - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $80AUD

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Shattered Ruby Zip Suit - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $90AUD

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Shattered Ruby Reversible Strap Dress - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $80AUD

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Shattered Sapphire Leggings - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $80AUD

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Shattered Sapphire Zip Suit - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $90AUD

  • Kitty Softpaws

    Wait until it arrives and try it on. It stretches so you might find that it's ok after all :) And if it doesn't fit right you can always send it back doll :)

  • T A E

    Yes, I know. :/ I just can't bear it being too small. Ha. I really wanted it and it just sold out so quickly, lol. But thank you so much for the ideas, I was also thinking maybe some shorts with it too? This would be my second BM piece. :)

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @T A E definitely wait and try it on lovely, as @Kitty Softpaws mentioned this fabric has quite a lot of stretch to it so I'd say you'll be fine! :) And if it's not the fit you were after you can always return it and we'll give you your money back ♥ I agree, I think this piece would look super cute with shorts! :) - Lo x

  • Rachel Hucker

    are these for swimming in or just like.. being cool on land?

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Rachel Hucker just for being cool on land lovely ♥ This is a designer fabric so it's not made for swimming in ♥ - Lo x

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Shattered Sapphire Reversible Strap Dress - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $80AUD

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Bree Flammini it's somewhat limited :) Alicia <(")

  • Kaitie Parker

    I'm worried about the length of it :( I haven't gotten a skater dress from black milk before but I have a rather big butt and so dresses that are too short just don't work :(

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Kaitie Parker sorry lovely, did you end up nomming this one? For possible (and very hopeful on my part) future shattered crystal reversible straps dresses I wouldn't worry too much about the length. Usually our skater dresses come in LT which are an extra one inch in length but this one wasn't as it's a designer piece. I have a big booty too and am very aware of things being too short but I find the length on these fine :) - Lo x

  • Lesa Dangerfield

    I nommed this gorgeous dress can not wait toooo get it in the mail... Hope I like it coz it's my first skater dress like ever... Maybe start off my new style of black milk addiction.... Coz well I have loved all black milk I have purchased so far.....

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Lesa Dangerfield Ooo how exciting! :D If you get it and decide it's not your cup of tea you can always exchange it but I know you're just gonna love it, such a gorgeous dress! ♥ :) - Lo x

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Amerika Bomber Jacket - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $100AUD

  • Mia Turner

    :O :O :O YAY!!!!

  • Susy Vazquez

    This will be mine hehehe!

  • Mica Drakopoulos

    @Black Milk Clothing Going to be super annoying and ask if you could PRETTTTY please send me the measurements - length and width - for the L and XL Amerika bombers. please please please pleaaaase. Love you xx haha

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Mica Drakopoulos hi hun, I only have the length measurements for these, the length for the L and XL is 62.7cm ♥ As for the fit, the Amerika Bomber jacket is very similar to the cut of a GF Bomber :) So it's not as loose fitting as a BF Bomber and has a more feminine shape to it. Hope this helps! - Lo x

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Stars 2.0 Leggings - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

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Battle Catsuit by Black Milk Clothing $120AUD

  • Danielle Marie

    I soooo hope you guys continue this backless trend your on! Obsessed always and so happy to be finding pieces like this from a brand I love so much ❤️

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Danielle Marie ME TOO! I got a back fulla ink on one side, I LOVE these backless designs! ♥ Lana

  • Amy Richardson

    @Emjay I hope I will be nomming this for you on Thursday

  • Kelsey Kawders

    Size wise how does this compare to leggings and long-sleeved dresses? My M long-sleeved cosmos dress is tight in the arms, but my L leggings are too wide in the legs.

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Kelsey Kawders this catsuit is made from wet look fabric which is super duper stretchy, so if the L leggings are too big I would definitely recommend going the M because this will stretch ♥ - Lo x

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Bad Kitty Bodysuit by Black Milk Clothing $99AUD

  • Lauren Phillips

    Just wondering if xxs is the way to go for myself in the bodysuit? Measurements bust: 32 waist: 24.5 hips: 34.5 :)

  • Lauren Phillips

    Sorry! Waist:wr

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Lauren Phillips I would say that you could even size down to an XXS as the wet look fabric is super stretchy and you're in between the XXS and XS :) Either one would be comfortable though so just up to you which one you think would be best :) - Lo x

  • Lauren Phillips

    Thank you for your prompt response :) now I just have to wait for some xxs :)

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Bad Kitty Catsuit by Black Milk Clothing $120AUD