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Princesses and Villains

Available from 9am (AEST) 29 July 2014 at

101 Dalmatian Toasties by Black Milk Clothing $90AUD

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Dominique Roses they are cut to accommodate for the same fit as normal leggings so you'll be fine in your normal size :) :) and they shouldn't go sheer! -TJane

  • Sammi

    This is what I am most excited about :D and the new world legs

  • Nicci Hish

    I have a very important question before I buy these tomorrow...are there a 101 different dalmatians on these amazing toasties?? ;)

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Nicci Hish no there's not I'm afraid lovely! Don't think we'd be able to fit all 101 so there's just a few of the main ones ♥ - Lo x

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Sammi excellent choices! These are so unbelievably cute! ♥ - Lo x

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A Whole New World Leggings by Black Milk Clothing $85AUD

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A Whole New World Reversible Skater Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

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A Whole New World Scoop Skater Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

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Cinderella Leggings by Black Milk Clothing $85AUD

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Amy Scott maybe! We do hope to do a 2.0 collection so fingers crossed! :D -TJane

  • Galactic Princess

    I just happened to deeply madly fall in love with this piece. They´re perfect! Love the idea and all those little details, especially the mice (dunno how their english names are) ♥

  • Hayley Daniels

    This would definitely look amazing as a skater dress. I think you should do this design for 2 or 3 different disney films. It makes the Disney theme more elegant for women and less childish (even though I love everything on here)

  • Kendall Coates

    any chance of a different print for cinderella something similar to the sleeping beauty and snow white leggings?

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Kendall Coates maybe someday in the future :) -TJane

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Cinderella Play Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

  • Jenny Carrier

    Ooh I'll second Jacquie's suggestion. Busty ladies like princess dresses too :)

  • Laura Robertson

    I like this waist line better. The skater dress with the high skirt almost has a maternity feel to it.

  • Tegan Sim

    YES! I agree 100% with Jaqcui's suggestion. Will this be available in scoop neck? My F cup chest doesn't suit high necklines :-/ I will consider a reduction for this though

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Tegan Sim no plans but I'll pass on the suggestion ♥ -TJane

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Disney Princess Leggings by Black Milk Clothing $85AUD

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Jennifer Fraioli we focused on the old school princesses and villains for this release that's why there's no Merida sorry! But I'll pass on the suggestion for both of those ^_^ -TJane

  • Jennifer Fraioli

    Ooooh I know, I love it TJane!! I'm just hoping this means there'll be a Disney 2.0 release- or even a Pixar one!!! I'd love some Nemo or Toy Story gear!!! But I'm working extra overtime to afford everything I want from this release- when will you let us know how limited is limited?? I finally got my wish list down to under $800… it took a LOT of work. =) But if you get a lot of orders from Northern CA you can blame me- I talk about BM at work more than I talk about my actual job! =) xox

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Jennifer Fraioli that would be so cool!! Our How Limited is Limited List will be coming your way hopefully today! :D :D And wow, that's so crazy and awesome at the same time! Love it! -TJane

  • Amy Connell

    I feel like this print would be amazing on pajamas. You guys should make pajamas. Or like super amazing, sexy, lingerie pajamas so we can be hot little bosses even when we sleep.

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Amy Connell hehehe I'll pass on the suggestion! :) - Lo x

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Disney Villains Leggings by Black Milk Clothing $85AUD

  • Selina Kemp

    Oh, thank you :)

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Selina Kemp what size are you interested in? I'll let you know! But as @Jennifer Fraioli has said they are super stretchy and really high quality! :) -TJane

  • Selina Kemp

    I would probably go for a M or L. But your release date is always on a Tuesday, which doesn't suit full-time workers so I'll miss out, again :(

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Selina Kemp have a sneaky toilet break at 9am :p however, our printed pieces aren't limited (except the bombers) meaning that once they sell out of the stock that we already have sewn they'll switch to MTO - so you can nom later on :) -TJane

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Down The Rabbit Hole Pencil Skirt by Black Milk Clothing $70AUD

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Evil Queen GF Bomber - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

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Hakuna Matata Skater Skirt by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

  • Kellie McGrath

    Would love this in a skater dress :)

  • Stephanie Philip

    Definitely putting another vote in for more TLK. Love this print though!!

  • Lini

    A dress in this would have been perfection!!! ♥

  • Haley Whittington

    WHY YOU NO MAKE MORE LION KING???? :( I woulda bought the crap outta anything else Simba and Nala.

  • Lini

    Would have loved a pride rock dress!!!

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Important Date Wifey Skirt by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

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Important Date Wifey Top by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

  • Paigey

    So in love with this top and the Disney collection! I hope you do more :D!

  • Emily Harris

    I'm still unsure about what size to get too. I measure exactly a small bust but I have the good guy top in a S and it's way too tight and a nana top in M and fit well. Should I go for M then? Thank you so much!

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Emily Harris you know your body best so just go with what you think will be most comfortable for you :) These will probably have a little more stretch than the Good Guy tops but if you're comfortable in a M then go with that :) - Lo x

  • Anaria Zar-Rel

    May I ask the measurement across the bottom hem for the xs and s?

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Anaria Zar-Rel I don't have those measurements available sorry but if you email CS should be able to get you some ♥ -TJane

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Le Cheshire Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

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Marie Reversible Skater Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

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Marie Scoop Skater Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

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Mulan Skater Skirt by Black Milk Clothing $60AUD

  • Steph Perry

    Would love this in a skater. Don't know what I would wear on top....

  • Christine

    Wooo should be perfect, thanks Lo! x

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Steph Perry bodysuits and crops go great! Just like this styling - simple but still awesome! -TJane

  • Josie Kate

    How long would a Medium be in this skirt? I'm quite tall and am quit conscious of things being too short, but I love this skirt so much! x

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Josie Kate here you go :) Front Length (waist seam to end): 39.3cm and Back Length (waist seam to end): 42.7cm -TJane

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Painting The Roses Red Nana Suit Bottom by Black Milk Clothing $55AUD

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Painting The Roses Red Nana Suit Top by Black Milk Clothing $50AUD

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Queen Of Hearts Shooter Dress by Black Milk Clothing $95AUD

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Sleeping Beauty Leggings by Black Milk Clothing $85AUD

  • Anne van Haren

    Not sure if I'm gonna buy this one or the dress version it's both so gorgeous and colourfull everything is right where it's suppose to be! ♥ I love it so much!

  • Chelsea

    Disappointed that there's not a Maleficent GF bomber but these are lovely!

  • Rhiannon Irons

    These will be mine. They'll be my first ever Black Milk purchase :D

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Rhiannon Irons how exciting! What an excellent way to start a collection :D ♥ - Lo x

  • Steph Perry

    Love the cute little animals in this one :)

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Sleeping Beauty Long Sleeve Dress by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

  • Hayley Daniels

    I think more long sleeved dresses should definitely be made, they're amazing. Especially for the Winter season, it's boiling in the UK right now but by October it'll be a different story! x

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Hayley Daniels I agree, love love love the printed long sleeve dresses! ♥ - Lo x

  • Pamela G

    Ohhhh my heart just feel in love! Defs more long sleeve bodycon & skater style dresses. Plus 3/4 sleeves too!

  • Pamela G

    Please tell me this isnt limited... I might cry :(

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Pamela G not limited! Hooray! :D - Lo x

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Snow White GF Bomber - LIMITED by Black Milk Clothing $110AUD

  • Siobhan

    How limited is limited for this piece? :)

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Siobhan Lesina I hope you managed to nom it, it had good numbers for a limited piece, but was up there as one of the most popular of the bombers we released today ;) ♥ Lana

  • Siobhan

    I did nom one for my sister! Thanks so much for your reply!!! :) xx

  • Emily Zee

    Thanks Tyra! Your advice worked, this beauty is mine!!! (And perhaps a couple of others too...whoops!!!) :))) ❤️

  • Black Milk Clothing

    @Emily Zee yay!!!!!! And even more yay :p -TJane

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