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Jax Mortal Kombat | Jax-Mortal Kombat (1)

Mortal Kombat-Jax | WorldofBlackHeroes

War Machine by Philip Tan

All-New Captain America/Falcon redesign by Carlos Pacheco *

All-New Captain America #1 cover by Stuart Immonen

Capatain America

Icon and Rocket "As A father You Have Responsibilities. You Must See To It That Your Child Is Fed, Clothed, Sheltered, and Educated. At Minimum. An Honorable Man Is Bound By His Responsibilities, Regardless Of The Circumstances That Created Them." -Icon

Icon-Augustus Freeman

Batwing by Amanda Conner

Miles Morales // Ultimate Spider-Man by Dave Marquez (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28)

hardware milestone - Google Search

The Milestone Universe

Earth 2 Superman Val-Zod

Superman is a Brand