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Interesting and informative infographic all about the meanings behind the different colors of flowers.

Flower Meanings By Color |

Gardening Expert Walter Reeves on 9 Popular Natural Weed Killers - so great to get the truth from someone who really knows.

The Truth About Natural Weed Killer Exposed

By cutting willow branches and planting them, you can form them into structures and they keep on living!

Dehydrate Rose Petals in the Oven — Sweet Disasters

Dehydrate Rose Petals in the Oven

If these plants are good enough to filter the air of the space station, surely they're good enough for your home.

Best air-filtering houseplants, according to NASA

50+ Ways To Keep Insects Out Of Your Home{Tested & Proven natural repellents{To see all 50+ ways, read the full blog post

Vegetable crops fall into two categories. Learn the difference between cool-season and warm-season crops.

Inexpensive raised garden bed idea. Surround the pool in stones or brick for a more finished look! Pool garden

Awesome DIY Garden Hot Tub Designs -- Curated by: Desert Pools And Spas | 389 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2B 3G4 | 2505545548

Keep wasps and bees away this summer. Put about 10 cloves in 1/2 a lemon and set out. They do not like the scent. For Outdoor gatherings.

Growing Plants From Seed » Homestead Survivalist

Viewable root garden, perfect to see your vegetables growing. for kids and adults

"Grow your own Cinnamon! Cinnamon is well known for its culinary uses, yet it is hardly ever grown in ordinary home settings. Learn how to care for this surprisingly easy-to-grow tropical herb."

6 Things that'll keep bad bugs out of your garden