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Fighting-women of the Fon (Dahomey people) and their neighbors the Ashanti in present day Benin. Originally retained as an elite royal guard, Dahomey amazons held semi-sacred status as celibate warrior "wives" of the King. They prided themselves on their hardened physiques and highly-trained martial skills, and constantly strove to outperform their male counterparts. By 1890 they comprised over 30 percent of the Dahomey fighting force.

USA's Taylor Townsend in midst of her victory over France's Alize Cornet at the end of their French tennis Open second round match at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris on May 28, 2014.

Photos: Chicago's Taylor Townsend at the French Open

Taylor Townsend is a tennis prodigy with a unique body type for a professional athlete.

Taylor Townsend 2

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