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shareta {BLACK}

shareta {BLACK}

Stark contrast, etc. -

The darkness in our stars. by Kari Goodwin on Etsy

好文花, とらや, 新宿伊勢丹 | wagashi

上生菓子 秋の夜長 Namagashi

むくげ Mukuge - Rose mallow

月夜 Tsukiyo - Moonlit night

紅芙蓉 Beni fuyo - Red confederate rose

春の三色だいふく(抹茶、桜、塩桜)spring three-color ifuku (matcha, sakura, shiozakura)

練り切り 菊 Chrysanthemum Neri-kiri

Girl’s Day Treats and Mochi Making | Guava Rose

Tricolor dango for girls' day. The pink symbolizes the sakura flower, the white represents snow, and the green represents branches and growth.

Milky Way "above for Tanabata, Nichiei eaves"