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Fill a glass bottle with Valentine's Day candy and follow the directions on this blog to create an adorable love potion Valentine's Day gift!

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: LOVE Potion

Awe, this is adorable. Give someone 7 days of love! Just fill a pill box with a sweet message and a piece of candy, and let them open one day the week before Valentine's Day!

Gummy candy skewers and other Valentine's Day candy creations & ideas!

Valentine conversation heart tree.......I really love this but I can't help think of how much I'd love to eat the candy hearts instead. :)

I love this creative way to play a Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Game with these candy hearts. This game is fun for the whole family to play.

This is a really cute idea of using conversation hearts instead of pebbles to fill the vase. This would make a nice centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day party or wedding centerpieces.

This is a cute craft for the kids to make their own valentines and let their creative imaginations run wild. Another way to make these is to take red cardstock or construction paper and cut out a heart and attach some wax lips to it, or take a red heart lollipop and attach the wax lips to it. Blair Candy has the scrumptious lollipops and the lip smacking wax lips to help you get started.

DIY - Make a smarties candy bouquet for Valentines Day! Blair Candy has a jar full of the smarties to help you get started.

DIY! Make a Valentine's Candy Vase for someone special. Just take a glass vase and fill up with candy, then glue some candy to some skewers stick in the vase. Add a pretty ribbon and your done!

Get creative and make your own Valentines candy bouquet. It's cheaper to make and much sweeter than flowers.

candy bouquet ideas - Yahoo Image Search Results

Make your own Valentines Day crafts using Cinnamon Candy.

These Valentine Candy Airplanes are a very creative and cute craft project for the kids. A deliciously creative Valentine's Day project!

These Valentine candy wrappers are so cute with a delicious chocolate candy bar inside.

The Valentine's Day super hero tootsie pops make a great DIY project for the kids to make for Valentine's Day.

Use your leftover candy canes from the Holidays to make this Candy Cane Valentine's bouquet.

I love this Valentine Craft for the kids. This Valentines Day Blast-off Rocket Candy Card is made from a roll of lifesavers and a Hershey kiss.

A Chocolate Lovers Valentine's Day Idea that is so cute. The Hershey's Candy Craft Cake is made from Hershey chocolate candy bars.

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Your kids will love this Valentine’s Day Tootsie Pop Flowers craft.