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I get 12 servings of fruits and 11 vegetables from my MonaVie Mx Juice. Check it out today. 2 oz in morning and 2 oz at night.

Organize your fruit with a plant stand

Alkaline Foods to include in your diet. I would add cucumbers! Got any to add?

Dice as Vegetable Counter Decide how many more bites of dinner your child has to eat before being excused. Let your child roll so he’s the one controlling his fate. You'll end up with a more peas-ful family meal.

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Write down a few of your favorites before you go grocery shopping1

CHIA SEEDS: Increases energy levels *Increases endurance levels *Helps with weight loss *Normalizes blood sugar levels *Cleanses the colon *Gets rid of toxins * Prolongs hydration *Reduces inflammation *Helps tone muscles *Helps to lower blood pressure Improves mental performance *Improves night rest and mood *Lowers the risk of heart diseases *Improves overall health *Lowers cholesterol *Absorbs extra acid, helping to get rid of acid reflux *Helps thyroid conditions Helps IBS * just started ...

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