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Mother Teresa says...

Found written on the wall in Mother Teresa's home for children...

Whitney Houston died yesterday, sad, sure. But the entire world doesn't need to stop spinning for her. Do you know who else passed these last few weeks that nobody will give a second thought about? ... These outstanding men who fought and sweat and suffered and died, so that you all could live peacefully. She met her own fate curled up in a Beverly Hills hotel nursing her selfish drug addictions, NOT protecting YOUR freedom as these Marines did. Semper Fidelis! THANK YOU...

We don't realize how much our walk with the Lord is determined by our response to correction, rebuke, conviction and teaching. We can be fools or wise people. Double click image to read 1-minute devotion about his subject.

In The Tribute, Dennis Rainey says few adults are willing to give up their self-centered lifestyles to develop their relationship with their parents.~~~But how we treat our parents is an indicator of our respect for God. If we treat our parents with interest, respect, gratefulness and kindness, God notices!

Just because it isn’t the wrong choice, doesn’t mean it is wise one. Andy Stanley Original Photo Credit : Dave Ferguson

Such a simple message, which we hope to inch closer to with each passing day, but which we never seem to master.

What will you be saying "next time" to?