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Strange Fanart

This is for all the weird stuff. Gender swaps, crossovers, alternative art styles, the works,

Ms. Frizzle visits Aperture - Portal x Magic School Bus

  • Maisy Rogers

    Magic school bus is just the extended adventures of river song.

Wizard Sherlock and John - BBC's Sherlock

Sherlock + John by sandara on deviantART

Dipper and Mabel - Gravity Falls in Windwaker Legend of Zelda style

Wind Waker Style Dipper and Mabel by GiyganMage on deviantART

Semi-realistic Bulbasaur - Pokemon

The royal GiantPoisonLizardington family - Pokemon

Pretty much no chance of this being the canon, but omg, Yveltal is such a cutie this size. Second pic at the link. - Pokemon X and Y

  • j s

    I thought it was a Deadpool bird. lol

  • Chaos

    Lol, imagine going to challenge: THE LEGENDARY BIRD OF DEATH!!! And it ends up being 8 inches tall XD

  • Chaos

    Watcha doin vel and why are you so tiny?

Lady Ganondorf