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Bloggers Worth Knowing

Know these awesome Indian bloggers. Read about their blog, journey and insightful answers in these super interviews.

For many of us, kitchen is a very special place. It is our lab where we experiment with various ingredients and create our own recipes. Her kitchen is known for the eclectic vegetarian healthy recipes, that she passionately cooks, photographs and write. She is a blogger, food writer, an author, a food stylist, photographer and consultant. It is a pleasure to invite Archana Doshi of Archana’s Kitchen. So everyone, get set to read this yummylicious interview.

Here’s presenting to you an exclusive interview with another INK Fellow 2012, Peter Frykman, who discusses about his noble venture, ‘Driptech’ with many other insightful things. Read on!

If you ask the child next door who or what ‘Ironman’ is? They will reply ‘The superhero’. Today at your Adda we have someone who is the ONLY Indian (male or female) to qualify for the Half Ironman World Championships and the first Asian (male or female) to compete and finish Ultraman, a three day triathlon stage race comprising a 10K swim, 420K bike ride and an 84.4K run. Presenting to you an interview with the amazing Anu Vaidyanathan who is an INK fellow 2012.

Friends, pack your bag for a long journey as today we are going to travel to different places through our interviewee Anradha Goyal who shares with us her travelling experiences, her favourite destinations and other grasping information. That’s not all. She is equally passionate about books and has reviewed more than 260 books. You made a right guess, she is a multi-tasker who believes in sharing her innovative ideas and concepts with others. All set then? Here we go!

Presenting to you the interview of the conversation series with the INK Fellows, 2012. Hind Hobeika, the founder of Butterfleye, believes that biological parameters are the most fascinating input for technological systems and also shares with us her motivation behind inventing a tool that measures heart rate during workout, her dreams, her passion and many other intriguing things which shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Today is the last day to design your future & get access to INK conference. Get inspired by what you are going to read below. Presenting to you the conversation series with INK Fellow, 2012. Sai Gaddam, a neuroscientist who shares with us the insights and the hidden interests of humans in regard to Sex; he also talks about what encouraged him to write a book on the same. It is a brilliant interview which will enlighten you with different aspects and approach of human nature.

Are your views ready to share on designing the future to witness INK live and INK Conference? Presenting you Dale Stephens, INK Fellow, who's views & opinions are different from others. Want to know what he says? Read on this interesting interview.

Shubhendu Sharma, a self described Eco Entrepreneur talks about his venture Afforestt; shares with us strategies for protecting our environment and many interesting things about his profession, career and life. Read this interview and get inspired to create some awareness regarding our nature.

Here comes the interviewee "Sabbah Haji" all the way from north, a place full of ice & red apples. Yes, exactly a right guess people. It's "Kashmir" There we got a chance to interview a young face handling most of the activities of the 'Haji Public School' The school in the mountains was unique in its own way. She seemed vibrant, enthusiastic in sharing her insights about the school, the villagers and other things related to India and Pakistan. Read on to witness intelligent answers!

Foodies out there want to know who is behind the food blog Saffron trail?. Without wasting a minute read on this interview, As we introduce Nandita Iyer, the face behind 'The Saffron Trail'. She is a medical doctor & nutritionist by profession, a wife to an ultra marathoner, a mom to a budding experimental palate and a lot more.

Aren't you all guessing by looking at the image and asking yourselves that who is the one interviewed today? Presenting to you an interview with Prutha Raithatha, an experimental Fashion blogger who loves to create tiny stories through fashion and pictures. Interesting, ain’t she? Do read this interview of an amazing fashion blogger who always looking for super creativity on the street and try to incorporate the same in her own style.

Introducing to you an amazing person, Tharini Devarajan who describes herself as - "Writing is my heartbeat. Reading, my passion. God, my life force. My children, my hope. My friends, my cheer. My husband, the wind beneath my wings! The rest of my interests flow from this fountain of inspiration!". So without wasting any more time, Do read this very interesting interview about life, blogs, family and more.

If you love travelling and exploring new places and sites, then experience this adventurous journey by reading this interview. We have Arti of My Yatra Diary, where she narrates her travelling experiences subtly as she also comes across a reality that there is a thin thread of belief or faith that goes beyond the boundraries of culture and stitches us all together in one colourful garment called humanity.

Would you liked to be almost everything in the world?.Our interviewee Nirmala Palaniappan who wanted to be almost everything in the world – a detective, an astronaut, a teacher, a scientist, an architect…a leader…a director, a musician, a painter, a singer, an ornithologist.But destiny made her a KM professional.Read on to find out what a lot of thinking happens inside her blog.

Keep up your spirit high while reading this interview speckled with positivism. As we have Bhavika Jhaveri who believed in what Nehruji said and is making a living out of it. She believes ‘Blogging has transformed her life into a more meaningful existence‘.

Humour is his forte and satire is his specialty.We have "K Balakumar" the evil brain behind one of the popular blogs “Crank’s Corner‘ where ‘All is fair in love & laughter’. Read on this satire-free-humour-filled interview having steamed hot Idlis!.

Keep your pen & paper ready as we our going to solve crosswords of life. Featuring "Shuchismita Upadhyay " who is the brain behind

Here comes the second part of conversation with Anusha Yadav. Where she speaks about her photography, her career, her take on advertising industry in India and plenty more.

“No matter what he or she does, or how long or short they live, everyone on this planet plays a central role in the history of the world”.We have Anusha Yadav who is a Photographer,Photo Archivist and a Book Designer and will make children love history for this grand interview.

Brace yourself ladies & gentlemen to read on an interview with 'Lavanya Mohan', a Chartered Accountant by Profession and someone who is known for her mildly spicy blog ‘Coconut Chutney’.

Have you heard the story about the bread & butterflies? To narrate this story, we have for you Anita Tikoo - the Founder of ‘A Mad Tea Party’. Read on to know more about her world of food blogging.

The First Part of the Shail's Interview had a great impact on the Indian Bloggers. Wonder what the second part has in store? Check out the Second Part of her interview to know more about Shail's interests.

She believes she is different and Irreverent is in her middle name. No doctor has found a way to remove the romance from her heart.Here, she speaks about her life, her nest, her blogging friends and lots more.

यह व्यक्ति में कई सारे गुण है, और वे सक्षम रूप से हर कार्य को सफलतापूर्वक करते है। बढ़िया व्यंग करके हमें हसते है। कई हिंदी चिट्ठाकारों को हिंदी में लिखने की तकनिकी सहायता देते है, और ट्विटर ट्रांसलेटर भी है।

She feels her blog is about embracing Indian culture and the challenges arising from moving to a country that is completely different, yet oddly the same as her own. She blogs about what life is like for a pardesi in an intercultural relationship.Her topics include Indian culture, culture shock and dealing with relationship issues.