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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Sass Up Your New Year with Stephanie Payne

How to properly interrupt an anti-gay protest…

  • Ryann Spradley

    Love it!!! I can believe people can justify protesting gay rights!

  • Michelle Gray

    Who said they were pro-Christian just look like stupid ppl to me heck I'm Christian and I LOVE my flamers I think she is AWESOME chick!!

  • P


  • Leah Olivia

    What does being Christian have anything to do with it? Most Christians I know (including myself) are totally cool with gay marriage, the only ones against it are idiots and bigots, regardless of their religion

  • Leah Olivia

    Wanna know what else is a sin according to the bible? Divorce and sex before marriage, but everyone seems to ignore those parts, hmm.

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Wishing peace and comfort for those who answered the call.