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This is a great #desk accessory for any #office! Pens that camouflage as grass--a practical fun decoration

Pens That Camouflage As Grass Brighten Up Your Office - OhGizmo!

Wish I knew about this before…

Wish I knew about this before…

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open Art Print by A Pair of Pears

I believe the password is 1127.

This teacher deserves an award…

fabulous paper flower DIY instructions, some of the prettiest paper flowers I have seen

2012 Valentine’s Day Paper Craft Ideas

DIY terrarium place card holder - love this

Fun Earth Day Craft for Kids: Mr. Recycle Head Man

Mr. Recycle Head Man - delia creates

really fun wedding idea! 'flea market' glasses - each person gets their own glass to drink out of and they can take it home afterwards :)

Martha Stewart 2oz Erasable Liquid Chalk - great for DIY chalkboard projects!

Easy Entertaining Decor | Plaid

Simple -- Sweet -- SUBLIME! This mini madamoiselle is perfect as a pink wedding attendent. Nothing adds to great memories like happy small ones who share your special day. (Princess, ballerina, flower girl ... it's all there!)

~Ruffles And Stuff~

Lilypad Pool Warmers - Using a hula hoop, and some cheap black plastic you can melt the plastic to the hula hoop - the black traps energy from the sun and heats up the pool. Very cheap and efficient way to warm up the water!

How-To: Lily Pad Pool Warmers

Cabin with creek view and amazing interiors. This is where I want to live...

Charming Creekside Cabin with Rustic-Refined Aesthetic

:) "The morning of my wedding i was handed this. It was a gift from my (at the time fiancé). 4 dirty old pennies on a keyring. Each one had a significant date. 1988 for the year he was born. 1990 for the year i was born. 2010 for the year we met and became a couple. 2012 for the year we got married. I got so teary eyed when i realized the significance of this. I tied it into my bouquet and walked down the aisle with them close to me.He put these together for me and they are now my lucky charms.

Truth about 90's sitcoms!

21 TV Shows That Prove Friends Can Be Your Family

Beautiful Crafting Space from Mayholic in Crafts

My Craft Room | Mayholic in Crafts

Recycled Golf Ball Ants Craft Project to cute! - These would be ADORABLE as PART of a TABLESCAPE for a PICNIC PARTY, BBQ, or other OUTDOOR SUMMER GATHERING! :)

M.M.M. #119 - C.R.A.F.T.