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This is a series of daily #appsperiment projects I am going to try to keep going for a month and see if I can keep it up from there. This was inspired by going through Doctor Popular's Daily App Experiments stream on Flickr. Basically the premise is to create some kind of image using at least 2 (and sometimes many more) iOS editing or graphics generation apps on a photo and see where it takes you.

Appsperiment #23: Universe Man - Drawing in Flowpaper from Appsperiment #21 made round with TinyWorld. The background is SlitScan capture of a blinking tail light at an intersection, "dotted" in WordFoto, run through TinyWorld and then color manipulated in PhotoSplash. Combined the two with ImageBlender and then tweaked results for color and contrast in Snapseed. Finally played with the Drama filter in Snapseed.

Appsperiment #22: Polychromatic Cacti - Cacti at my office captured in Camera+. Modified in Snapseed for color and contrast. The rainbow shades came out with adjustments to contrast and saturation, not special effects, which I thought was pretty cool. Applied a bit of tiltshift as well. Ran through Decim8 and blended that version into the background as exclusion.

Appsperiment #21: The Mardi Gras in my head - Drawing in Flowpaper, manipulated with Decim8. Cropped in Camera+ for mirroring and tweaked for color. Created mirror with collage feature of Photogene2. Decim8ed one of the "ghosts" from my previous appsperiments accidentally and liked the result. Inverted it in PhotoSplash and blended with exclusion to the first result. Applied a few more color and contrast tweaks in Snapseed and tiltshifted.

Appsperiment #20: Pergatory's Waiting Room - White chairs in a studio captured in Camera+. Tweaked to black and white and for contrast in Camera+. Run through Dynamic Light's Orton IR filter twice. Created the "ghosts" in Heat Sense and inverted them with PhotoSplash. Blended each with ImageBlender. Applied a bit more contrast tweaking in Snapseed and also tiltshifted slightly.

Appsperiment #19: Tech Seraphim - Tree captured in Liquid Lens. Run through WordFoto with slashes for the word and then Decim8. Half of the result cropped and flipped to get a mirror image and then put into PolyMagic to compose the new mirrored image.

Appsperiment #18: Quiddity - Poppy captured in Camera+. Tweaked for color and contrast in several tools in Snapseed. Used the Drama filter for several passes in Snapseed. Blended with a mask to darken the background in Image Blender then changed to black and white in Snapseed. Tweaked again with a darkness mask in Image Blender.

Appsperiment #17: Gilty Posey - Yellow poppy captured in Camera+. Run through the Clarify filter 5 times. Created a ToonPaint version against the original and blended that back into the the clarified version.

Appsperiment #16: Almost Matsuri Time - Background is a Slit Scan capture of a crazy Japanese production on YouTube called Cathy's House. Ran that through WordFoto with slashes. Tweaked the colors in PhotoSplash. Flower captured with ProCamera and colors edited in Photogene. Blended in Image Blender as exclusion and then as lightness for each flower in the result. I love the Spring and Japanese color scheme. Can't wait to go to the Matsuri Fesitval in a week or two.

Appsperiment #15: Ursa Major - Bear sculpture captured in Camera+. Manipulated in WordFoto to get a dotted background. Run through various filters and adjustments in Snapseed, Camera+ and PhotoSplash and blended versions into each others with some selective masking in Image Blender.

Appsperiment #14: Uptown Minecraft - Tower at Scottsdale Quarter captured in Camera+. Run through Decim8 and then WordFoto using slashes as the word. Created an altered color version in PhotoSplashFX and partially blended back into the WordFoto version. This is similar to some previous experiments but I didn't have a chance to figure out something new since I have been pretty busy with a sick kid the last few days.

Appsperiment #13: Effervescent - Self portrait with Liquid Lens. Run through Decim8 with the Fingerblib and Veth filters. Color and contrast tweaked in in Snapseed. Applied the Purple Haze filter in Camera+. Blended that version back into itself with Multiply in Image Blender.

Appsperiment #12: Galactic Cacti - Cacti at night captured with Slit Scan while rocking side to side, tweaked for color and contrast in Snapseed and cropped in Camera+. Cloned out a few spots in Retouch. Made a version with Toy Camera filter and another with Diana filter in Camera+. Blended those two in Image Blender. Ran that result through the Backlit scene in Camera+ and partially blended that back into the previous result.

Appsperiment #11: The Gardens of Babylon - Desert landscape captured in Camera+ and enhanced with the Clarify filter. Color and contrast tweaked in Snapseed. Run through Decim8 several times to get a result with the "towers" on the left and another with the one on the right. Blended the two images with a bit of selective masking in Image Blender. I like the organic-ness and surreal-ness of the result!

Appsperiment #10: Trees, Now in Tecnicolor! - A pine tree outside my office captured in Camera+ and applied Clarify. Created red, purple and green tinted versions with different filters in Camera+. Ran each tinted version through Decim8 three times. Used Autostitch to merge the 9 results together. Used Snapseed to play with the contrast and saturation. Used Dynamic Light's Orton filter to make a soft focus version and partially blended that back into the Snapseed version in Image Blender.

Appsperiment #9: We do what we must because we can - My smiling face in my lit makeup mirror captured with Liquid Lens, a new app for me. I liked the curves at the bottom so ran a copy through the Backlit scene in Camera+ to get rid of my face, rotated it 180 degrees, cropped the bottom half and then created a fading transparency gradient in Eraser on my iPad. Merged that into the top of the original with Image Blender. Played with the result in Snapseed to bring out some contrast and color tones. Ran the result of that through Dynamic Light's Orton filter to soften the arches a bit and partially blended that back in to the contrast adjusted version. Phew! It was mostly playing with things to see what they would do to it. A lot of steps for a pretty simple result, but I like it. Liquid Lens is pretty fun in itself - very psychedelic!

Appsperiment #8: Polkappies - Poppies from the Bellagio Garden captured with ProCamera. Run through Wordfoto with a dot as the word at two different settings to make a version with fine dots and one that was more course. Blended the two versions in Image Blender. Made a third version with medium sized dots and a bit brighter colors and blended that into the first result.

Appsperiment #7b: Tidepools - Playing with Decim8 again and ran Appsperiment #7 through. This is the result after bumping up the contrast with Clarify in Camera+. It looks like sea creatures in frothy water to me. I really like the shapes and colors.

Appsperiment #7: If Van Gogh Had Apps... - A cloudy sky captured and tweaked for color in Camera+. Created Wordfoto versions with a dot and a tilde. Merged the two versions in Image Blender. Then merged that back into the original for color depth. Tweaked result for color and contrast in Camera+. This one is a bit late because I didn't have access to my phone last evening to post it so I will post the one for today later.

Appsperiment #6: This Way Out - Captured in Camera+. Run through Decim8 a few times for variations. Two variations blended back into the original with Image Blender. Result run through Camera+'s Clarify twice. The original was taken at the rest stop at Sunset Point a few months ago. I liked the bright yellow against the neutral rocks and blue sky.

Appsperiment #5: The Rainbow Connection - Ice sculptures at the Aria in Vegas, captured with Pro Camera. Run through Decim8 with the Precog1 and Veth filters, then passes at two different tolerances in Wordfoto using a dot as the "word". The two results blended in Image Blender. Finally, tweaked colors in Camera+ with the 70s filter.

Appsperiment #4b: Decimountain - Captured and edited in Camera+, then experimented with in Decim8.

Appsperiment #4: Pensive Tad is Pensive - Captured with Nightcap. Run through Clarity and Fashion filter in Camera+, then played with in Decim8 with the Veth and Precog1 filters. I have spent most of the afternoon playing with Decim8. It is a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be.