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Ink...this is a form of body modification, yes, but I consider it art. There are so many reasons to get ink put on your body. Ritualistic reasons, expression of personality, rebelling, dedication, etc. I have seen some weird, crazy, disgusting, and with out taste....while on the other hand, I've seen amazing, beautiful, unique, and just plain extraordinary works of art and beauty. For me, my ink is a way of remembering people and celebrating my beliefs.

peacock tattoo

nursing humor!! && sadly it's soo true!!!

Sailor Jerry's advice to those against tattoos. I used to have this in my station wall. #tattoo #advice #artists #funny

different strokes...

  • ketadiablo

    This can't be for real!

  • Nikki Underwood

    I don't know if hers are or not, but I know an older man who has his whole body done and he is in his 70's. I found it kind of oddly intriguing.


Full body Japanese tattoos have always amazed me.