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Long term food storage

DIY Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets.

Taking the Challenge: 100% Food storage dinner starring Oatmeal Steaks

Marvelous Meat from Oatmeal - 14 minutes long which is too long, but the recipe is in there. I'd probably use different spices, but we get the idea from here.

Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them

Tons of recipes made from grains & other homemade recipes- everything from bread to fig newtons to instant pudding mixes & more

Dry Pack Canning - low moisture grains. Yes. I need to do this!

8 Ways to Increase Your Food Storage- Real Food Style

Peppers, Carrot and Tomato Upma uses cream of wheat/semolina

Storage Crops In Bedroom and more ideas from Mother Earth News

A compilation of .pdf and videos that deal with long term food storage -

hints, info

The One-Year Emergency Food Supply List

A year living off food storage, great website, lots of info on food storage, recipes, etc.

Leather Britches: Strings of green snap beans that are dried to preserve them for later use. It's one of the oldest ways of preserving food

Huge list of food storage recipes

Recipes using food storage (i.e. wheat, powered eggs, milk, butter, dehydrated foods, etc.)

Lentils... So pretty, so yummy.