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Hello Kitty jewel doll. This 4-inch “doll” is made of solid platinum studded with thousands of precious gems, including 1,939 pieces of white topaz, 403 pink sapphires, a pair of black spinels for her eyes, a citrine for her nose and a 1.027-carat diamond on her signature bow. The valued at 15 million yen—about US $167,000!

Hello Kitty Diamond Sapphire Doll – $150k | Hello Kitty Hell

When these baby hedgehogs were left orphaned, this cat, a new mother herself, become a surrogate to the babies, feeding and nurturing them as if they were her own.

Enjoying the sun (via kio-fotos ) I love that chest floof

The bath water is warm enough.


An entire blog on Cat Ladders!

Little cute kitty jump like a rocket.... to see more click on picture

Shhhh the Fuzzy Pillow is Asleep

This is a chimera cat, who is it's own fraternal twin. (When two fertilized eggs fuse together) Whoa.